Movie Review: ‘Prometheus’ (*** Three Star)

 (By Akshat Sharma) ‘Prometheus’ is a movie which takes you to a new world. The tagline: the search for our beginning could lead to our end, is interesting and it gives us an insight about the movie even before you are comfortably perched on your seats in the theatre.

The movie begins with a group of scientists travelling to a secret location where a new human race could be possibly cultivated in laboratories. People travelling towards Prometheus are drawn to this huge vessel for their own individual reasons and the first few minutes of the film focuses on each person’s agenda.

Elizabeth Shaw (Naomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) are an archaeologist couple who believe that they were created in a facility like this. The large ship named Prometheus is captained by Janek who along with his crew provides moments of comic relief in the movie. They lift you out of that sapping feeling which you get while watching this Sci-fi movie.

A botanist named Milburn and a geologist named Fifield are also on board but they are not so impressed with this gigantic ‘Prometheus’. This entire expedition is monitored by Meredith Vickers played by Charlize Theron who maintains a composed and controlled persona throughout the movie. This project is funded by father’s company, Weyland Corporation. David played by Michael Fassbender is a butler on Prometheus but he is not human but a ‘living object’ made out of an android.

You can relate to some extent to these characters as they exhibit all human traits. But this movie is not about emotions or human touch. Prometheus becomes a vehicle to transport you into a world which dazzles and overwhelms you. If you are watching 3D version you feel as if you are floating in dark space.

Prometheus offers an assortment of visuals which evoke fear in you but the fear of unknown is the most powerful. Directed by Ridley Scott ‘Prometheus’ is shot entirely in 3D is a true bonanza for avid sci-fi lovers and even if you are not a ‘Sci Fi geek’ it is a visual delight for any cine goer.

Movie Review: ‘Men in Black 3’ (**** Four Star)

( By Akshat Sharma) They are back again! Wielding gizmos as guns and comfortably tucked in their tuxedos these ‘Men in Black’ take vow to free the mother earth from creepy aliens.  It has been ten years since they charmed the audiences with their antics in ‘Men in Black 2’ and boy what a comeback it has been in ‘MIB 3’. This third instalment is much better than the earlier two.

Shot in 3D this movie gives you a new cinematic experience as the aliens from space look more mean and deadly. Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin, take us into a different era.  Josh Brolin plays Agent K’s younger  life.  Brolin does well in his role and he brings the movie to life after a sluggish set-up.

The movie begins with character called Boris who is the last remaining alien warrior of a species dedicated to universe domination. He was captured 1969 by Agent K but somehow he manages to escape special lunar prison. He wants to give it back to humans so revenge becomes his modus operandi.

Boris wants to kill Agent K and escalate the problems of the earth by unleashing mass destruction. Agent J stops him and becomes successful in his mission. When he wakes up he finds a new world around him. His partner Agent K is gone, the sky is filled with jellyfish-like weapons. He also has a new boss in Agent O  played by Emma Thompson.

Agent J is concerned about Agent J whereabouts. He comes to know that Agent perished  in 1969 and the Earth is about to be overtaken by aliens under the leadership of Boris. This forces him to use time travel as a technique to save his friend and defend the earth from its foes.

Using the powerful time machines developed by aliens Agent  J successfully travels back to meet Agent K played by Josh Brolin. They join hands and decide to fight to finish against the alien race.

Directed Barry Sonnenfeld ‘Men in Black 3’ is a movie which believes in giving an amazing experience using modern technology to its audience and  no wonder you remain awestruck till the end. Find some good company and watch this Hollywood juggernaut unfolding itself on the big screen.

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Movie Review : ‘What To Expect When You Are Expecting’ (** Two Stars)

 (By Savneet Kachru) Staying true to its  title  “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” offers everything  you could expect from a movie that has pregnancy as its central theme. It has all the ingredients required in a movie like this.

Director Kirk Jones gives an elaborate description from conception-to-delivery  and it involves five couples in the process. They take cues from a medical manual on pregnancy In the process they go through with issues like fertility, libido, adoption, miscarriage and several others.

Actor Cameron Diaz plays Julia and she meets a guy named Evan played by Matthew Morrison. They find it difficult to strike a balance between their professional career and the responsibilities that arise out of parenthood.

Wendy played by Elizabeth Banks facing fertility issues decides to go for IVF after years of failing to conceive. Jennifer Lopez plays the third character, looking for adoption in Ethiopia.

Then there is a younger couple played by Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford Marco who are grappling with the issue of unwanted pregnancy. After a point the movie gets repetitive and attention gets diverted.

You will find the jokes turn stale after a point. Relating to these characters is not easy. Cameron Diaz doesn’t look convincing in her role as she may be sporting a baby bump but her body structure belies pregnancy.

A word of caution to female viewers, do not take your boyfriends, partners or husbands to this movie. This is a chick-flick and stays like that till the end.  Your male company would be bore to death if manages to stay in his seat till the end.

‘What to expect when you are expecting’ is very laboured in its approach. Director Kirk Jones could not come up with anything new to spice up the movie. It gives you a feeling as if you watching a docudrama on pregnancy.

Movie Review: ‘The Lucky One’ (** Two Star)

(IANS) Melodrama and sentimentality in cinema are necessary in small proportions. However, it requires delicate handling. Those who have not figured how to best use them without patronising the viewers should not even try. Sadly, it’s a hint that comes too late for the makers of ‘The Lucky One’.

After a photo that he finds on the streets of Baghdad coincidentally ends up saving his life, Logan (Zac Efron) decides to find the woman in the picture.

His search leads to a single mother (Taylor Schilling) and her small town existence. He works with her, and soon they fall in love. But the ex-husband of the woman is jealous.

Often movies based on books inspire viewers to read the original book. This film, based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, will do just the opposite – make you stay as far away as possible from both the book and Sparks.

What else can you do? There are so many loopholes, sloppiness in direction, cliched dialogues and hackneyed scenes that there is no other way.

The only ones who will perhaps like the film are teenage girls who have little exposure to better cinema.

Consider these: our protagonist is not a mechanic in the Marines, yet he can inexplicably repair anything, from an old tractor to a boat engine. No explanation is given as to how this 25-year-old can do all these.

Indeed, there’s so little information about the background of our hero (besides that he went on three trips to the war) that he seems to have fallen straight from the sky, like the mythical, magical unicorn.

Yet, despite all problems, the ending could have made the film better.

But the ending in which someone crucial to the script dies is symptomatic of American culture which does not know how to live in peace with its enemy and thus has to destroy it.

An Indian film in a similar situation would have ended in a change of heart. But change of heart is something that a bullying nation cannot and will not afford a weaker nation.

The only saving grace is Zac Efron who not only ends up becoming a desirable hot man for the ladies but also manages a straight, serious look throughout the film and does justice to his role.

That’s not enough to save an entirely disappointing and illogical film.


Movie Review: ‘Avengers’ (Four Star ****)

The pre release hype associated with the ‘Avengers’ promised us that it was one of those once-in-a-lifetime movies which every cine goer should watch. It could have killed the prospects of an average movie even if it was good. But the Avengers not only generates massive pre release buzz but it also delivers on all counts. The experience of watching it on big screen transports you to another world.  The storyline of such superhero movies are often far from reality and Ávengers’ is no exception.

Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D bringing together a team of superheroes, eventually called The Avengers, in order to save the earth from Loki, the brother of Thor, and his alien army. The screenplay is wonderful and it packs very powerful scenes which leave tremendous impact on the audience.

Technically the movie is one of the finest till date . The director could have lost his grip over the film as he had finest resources at his disposal both in terms of technical and acting department but director Joss whedon has done justice to the film by maintaining a delicate balance between the script and the super heros.

Actors like Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man, amazing), Marc Ruffalo (The Incredible Hulk), Chris Evans (Captain America), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) shine with their performances and hold the attention of average viewer with their mannerisms and other antics.

The director has given ample screen space to all his superstars to show their mettle and skill on screen and all the actors including the villain Tom Hiddleston (Loki) have successfully managed to give credible performances.

Right now the movie is open in select Asian countries. The movie goers in the United States will have to wait till May 04 when it will be released everywhere else including North America.

Movie Review: ‘Think Like A Man’ (*** Three Star)

Battle of sexes is one of the most popular themes in mainstream Hollywood cinema. The latest offering in this genre is ‘Think Like a Man’ which is a movie based on Steve Harvey’s bestselling book ‘Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man’

The movie gives you a detailed account of how a male and female reacts in differently in any given situation. The outcome these small skirmishes between both the sexes are highly predictable but the director essays these ‘minor clashes’ in such an interesting manner that the movie becomes pretty impressive and entertaining.

Lauren (Taraji P. Henson) is a businesswoman who wants to find a match who is equally successful in the corporate world. When she meets a handsome guy driving a Porsche she thinks she has met the man of her dreams but he turns out to be a chef who also works as a valet in his spare time.

Another female character Mya  played by Meagan Good religiously follows dating before she hops in bed with her partner Zeke played by Romany Malco. Then there is Kristen (Gabrielle Union) who looks for commitment from her boyfriend, Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara) who refuses to grow up. She reads Harvey’s book and gets her life on the right track.

Candace played by Regina Hall is a single mom and she meets Michael (Terrence Jenkins) who nurtures a bond with her son. But she freaks out when she finds him to be a mama’s boy.

Male characters shown in the movie realize that they are being ‘manipulated’ they turn their attention to ‘Harvey’s book’ and try to outwit and outsmart their partners. These table turning events are the highlights of the movie and keep you hooked till the last moment.

Director Tim Story has done a good job and his narration of the story is quite witty and impressive. All actors have done justice to their roles with Regina Hill standing out with her stellar performance. ‘Think Like a Man’ is a decent comedy which manages to hold your attention till the end.


Movie Review: ‘The Hunger Games’

The Big Bang!

Hollywood’s most eagerly awaited film this year “The Hunger Games” opened today in more than 10000 screens.  With these mind boggling numbers and the hype surrounding the movie the audience first and foremost concern is whether the movie is going to live up to expectations or not.

Gary Ross, the director comes out in flying colours and delivers a movie which is an all out entertainer.  The Hunger Games is no ‘Twilight’ but it has a love triangle. The dystopian movie begins with an America which has disintegrated into Panem, a loose collection of “districts” under the influence of the most powerful district.  The plot unfolds a saga of love and war where reality is stranger than fiction and all 12 districts fight for survival. They do like reality shows, live on television.

It transports you in ’70s sci-fi era and Director Ross and his designers give the District 12 scenes a gloomy look. All actors have done justice to their roles and they are presented before the audience in a fascinating manner. Make up and styling team has done wonders by giving a distinct look to each and every character portrayed in the movie.

“Hunger Games” has opened with a bang and if the movie pundits are to be believed this movie could be the biggest money spinner for the ‘Lionsgate’. Surely the Disney Corp need to learn a lesson or two from the ‘Success of Hunger Games’ as they are reeling under pressure after colossal failure of ‘John Carter’.

On the one hand you have ‘The Hunger Games’ which tells cine goers about a successful sci-fi movie and on the other hand ‘John Carter’ gives you an idea what makes a bad sci-fi film.