Poonam Pandey’s Attitude Is Like Her Underwear!

Aspiring actress Poonam Pandey is not ready to cover up. She recently posted two new pictures which highlight her eagerness to be in the media coverage. She knows that people in India are falling prey to her antics and she uses this knowledge to the best of her abilities.

In a country where people are scared of naked bodies Poonam Pandey flaunts some flesh to get attention.  How long this is going to continue is something which is debatable. She is certainly grabbing eyeballs and in this process creating space for a soft porn industry in India.

Poonam’s latest picture’s caption read “Attitude is like your underwear; you must wear it, but never show it. But then i like Flaunting the right Attitude a lot :P(sic).” She also tweeted, “It’s not what you wear; it’s how you take it off (sic)”.

Do not bother Ms Pandey because be it attitude or an underwear it doesn’t last for years.

Helen Flanagan Redefines Modesty With Her Cleavage Revealing Dress!

London:(ANI) Helen Flanagan was seen stepping out with a very low cut frock, that revealed much of her cleavage and even showed off the top of her nipples. The former ‘Coronation Street’ star, who recently returned from a trip to Dubai, wore a figure hugging beige dress for a night out with her footballer boyfriend Scott Sinclair, the Daily Mail reported.

Matching the dress up with a matching clutch bag and peep-toe heels, Flanagan wore her hair up to show off her chest even more. As she walked along the road, her Swansea winger beau held her hand as she tottered along, and seemed oblivious to the fact his girlfriend was causing such a stir. Both appeared in a jovial mood as they smiled and posed for the glaring cameras.

The pair left exclusive venue Chinawhite after enjoying an evening together, heading straight into a waiting vehicle to take them home.

(Picture Source: Daily Mail)

British Spies Fail To Reveal ‘Charlie Chaplin Mystery’

Legendary actor from the silent-movies era Charile Chaplin has always been a mysterious bloke for many years specially in Europe and America. The British MI5 agents were asked in 1952 to conduct a probe into the history of Charlie Chaplin and find out his real name and birthplace. The American spy agencies had believed that his real name was Israel Thornstein who had sympathy for left wing ideology.

The British spy agency was assigned the task to verify these American claims. But surprisingly even after years of hard work MI5 found no record of his birth anywhere. A news report filed by Reuters has quoted Professor Christopher Andrew, the official historian of MI5, “It’s very unusual, particularly after investigation by MI5, for the date and place of birth for such a well-known celebrity as Charlie Chaplin to remain so mysterious.”

The documents revealed by the British agency shows no one called Charles or Israel was born on April 16, and further inquiries into suggestions Chaplin had been born in France near Fontainebleau also proved fruitless.

In its letter to the American Embassy MI5 said, “We can find no evidence that Chaplin’s name is or ever has been Israel Thornstein, nor can we find any evidence of the existence of such a person. We have, however, been unable to discover any other name by which he has been known.”

Latest theory about Charlie Chaplin’s birth which emerged after this probe suggested that Chaplin was born in a caravan belonging to a woman known as “the Gypsy Queen” in central England and his mother was a member of what is now referred to as “the travelling community.”



Was Whitney A Lesbian?

 London: (ANI) Some of Whitney Houston’s friends, including gay rights activist Peter Tatchell have said that the singer took to drugs and drinks because she was hiding her true sexuality. Tatchell even insisted her marriage to Bobby Brown was a smokescreen, and that she was “only really happy” in the 1980s when she was with a “lesbian partner”.

“It’s important to tell the truth about this aspect of her life,” the Daily Star quoted him as saying. Although the Britain-based Tatchell didn’t say who the partner was, other sources said it was her ex-assistant Robyn Crawford. Crawford wrote a Valentine’s-themed tribute to Houston hours after she died, saying she could not believe she would never again see her “peachy skin”, feel her hugs or hear her laughter.

Tatchell’s claims were backed by accounts from Houston’s sister-in-law and her ex-bodyguard Kevin Ammons. Even her former husband has hinted their marriage was a cover-up for her desire for women. “Whitney was happiest and at her peak in the 1980s when she was with her female partner,” Tatchell said.

“They were so loved up and joyful together. Perhaps her inability to accept and express her same-sex love contributed to her substance abuse and decline,” he added.  His comments sparked a storm of outrage from Whitney fans who branded him a “racist f***” and slammed him for taking a “cheap shot” by “outing” a dead woman, but he stood his ground.

“Colluding with the cover-up of her same-sex relationship is not right.  “She was pressured into the Bobby Brown marriage. It was a disaster. Her life started going downhill soon afterwards,” he said. The campaigner also praised the star for her work supporting HIV sufferers after he met her at a 1991 gay rights rally in London.

Houston’s closest relatives said they also believed she was gay. Bobby Brown’s sister, Tina Brown, told how Houston had wild sex sessions with women while out of her mind on crack cocaine. “I saw her with a woman a couple of times,” she said.  She said the singer’s drug habit made her even crazier than usual for sex with girls.

Bobby, 43, wrote in his biography that he was convinced she had a “different agenda”. “The marriage was doomed from the beginning,” he wrote. His comments have been taken to be a reference to Houston using the marriage to stop rumours she had lesbian lovers. Ammons said in his book that the diva had a relationship with her assistant Crawford.  According to him, Crawford slapped Houston when she saw her flirting with men and was furious when she vowed to marry Brown.

He also claimed she paid off ex-publicist Regina Brown to keep quiet about her affair with Crawford.  The former assistant’s tribute to Houston was published in a US magazine on Sunday barely a day after the 48-year-old’s body was found in a bath at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California. She had taken a cocktail of drugs and booze.

“I first met Whitney when I was 16 and knew right away she was special,” she said. “Whitney was modelling and had peachy-coloured skin and didn’t look like anyone I’d ever met in New Jersey. “I can’t believe that I’m never going to hug her or hear her laughter again,” she added. However, Houston had herself spoken out against the lesbian rumours in 2000. “I am a mother, not a lesbian. I am not gay,” she had said.

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