My female co-star tried to molest me: Alisa Khan

It seems Bollywood is running short of new publicity ideas. A newcomer in Tinsel Town Alisa Khan has blamed her  co-star Rakhi Vohra for ‘getting fresh’ and doing other ‘indecent acts’ with her during the shoot of ‘ My Husband’s Wife’ in Kuala Lumpur
Model turned actress Alisa Khan plays an important role in producer-director Vinod Chhabra’s film My Husband’s Wife was so upset with her co-star that she went to the extent of accusing her of molestation.
She told media persons that she was zapped by this experience and decided to leave B-Town to  get a job as an airhostess.
“When I was shooting for the movie, my co-actress, Rakhi Vohra suggested that we share the same suite in a five star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. I agreed to shift to her room because I thought I would have some company.
‘However, I didn’t know what was awaiting me,” said Alisa.
“Rakhi started getting fresh with me. She started stripping and chasing me stark naked. When I protested, she locked me inside the room and went for the shoot alone.
It was only after I called up Pawan and the producer Vinodji that they pleaded with Rakhi to give them the keys,” she added further

Keerti Kulhari shares details of her ‘ Shaitan Smooch’ with Kalki Kochelin

In an exclusive interview with Mauli Singh of ‘ Mid Day’ the actor of Khichdi The Movie, Keerti Kulhari shares the details of her lip lock with Kalki Kochelin her co-star in the movie’ Shaitan’.

She told Mauli that she got bold for her role in Bejoy Nambiar’s Shaitan.In the Anurag Kashyap production, she plays Tanya, a girl next-door who’s part of a wild group and is compelled to lose her inhibitions.

Tell us about Tanya…
She is the most sober in the gang of shaitans.
How does she end up kissing another girl, Amy (played by Kalki)?
Tanya doesn’t want to kiss Amy. They’re playing truth and dare. Amy is a cool girl who likes to try different things. It’s her turn and she ‘dares’ to kiss me.
How do you rate Kalki as a kisser?
It was hardly a kiss.
Is it the only time you have been kissed by a girl?
(Laughs) Yes. And it will be the last time ever.
Has any girl made a pass at you?
Yes. In Standard 10, there was a girl in my badminton team. I think she had the hots for me. Though she never said anything, the way she used to talk and give me attention, made her intentions very obvious. She would feel very jealous if I talked to guys…
Were you told that you would have to kiss a girl?
No. Bejoy told me about everything else but the kiss. Well, he did bring it up once, but I thought he was kidding. It wasn’t until we were rolling, that Bejoy announced that the scene was on. Kalki kisses me in that scene.
Did you enjoy it?
I was traumatised. Thankfully, it was just one take. The reaction in the film was what I was actually going through at that time. I haven’t even kissed a guy onscreen. And I did my first kiss with a girl! That was an experience.
Did your co-stars tease you?
Yes, they were all teasing us after the shot. After the shot, Kalki even fooled around. She started behaving like she had the hots for me. She tried to run her hands on my thighs. I told her to stop it and let me regain my senses. I was very amused.
How did your family react?
They were shocked. But they completely understand that it’s part of the profession. They have been supportive.
What is your take homosexuality?
To each its own. I like to kiss a guy and want to be kissed by a guy, but I have nothing against people who have homosexual tendencies. I have gay friends.

Yana cashing on her new found fame: Goes Topless For FHM

Czech model and a prominent item number dancer Yana Gupta, who made sensation with her no-panty act is slowly climbing up the ladder. Her sensational stunt has fetched her few offers and Yana is looking to make the maximum out of it. Recently Czech hottie Yana Gupta has posed topless on the cover of the May issue of the men’s magazine FHM.
Yana poses sans her top in skimpy denim shorts for the cover that describes the ‘Bijli Giri’ siren as a reluctant item girl.
As per the grapevine, Yana Gupta charged Rs. 15 lakh to do this topless shoot. She was even willing to go full nude but the publication couldn’t afford the high price tag that the actress demanded and settled down with just a topless photo shoot.
If the buzz is to be believed, Yana demanded two crore rupees to go full monty. She is waiting for internationally celebrated magazines to offer her huge bucks.
Any takers??

Rahul Bose miffed over promos of ‘Kucch Luv Jaisaa’

Actor  Rahul Bose is heard to be upset with producer Vipul Shah for his alleged bias towards his actress-wife Shefaali during the promotions of  their movie `Kucch Luv Jaisaa`.
Rahul Bose is betting big on this movie as he claims that he  has a meaty role in the film but the producer Vipul Shah is more focussed on showcasing his wife Shefaali during the first round of promotions.  
Sources close to  Rahul Bose  have told Bollywood reporters that he feels very little attention has been paid to him as far as promotions are concerned. The promos give a feel of `Kucch Luv Jaisaa` being an out-and-out `Shefaali Shah` film, they said. Producer Shah, however, is surprised at such suggestions.
“I am surprised. Yes, we have started our promotions with Shefali but that`s because it is a story of Shefaali`s character. Idea was not to alienate anyone. Rahul has started his promotions from this week. Shefaali and Rahul have performed extremely well in the film,” he said.
The 43-year-old actor Rahul plays the character of a criminal on the go that Shefaali misreads as a detective and spends an entire day with him. Shefaali plays a rebellious housewife and has lost oodles of weight for her character.

Visible Bra Straps: Bollywood Explores Cyber Love

A film with the title Visible Bra Straps is bound to grab the eyeballs. Add to that the bit that it’s a story of two lonely women and you already have the curiosity sparked.
The film stars Indian model Reeth and foreign actress Petra Khruz in principal roles.
Directed by Ajitesh Sharma, the film is an Indo-Italian collaboration. It is a story of two women: A young Italian corporate professional Sandra (Petra Khruz) and a young Indian college student Sanjana (Reeth).
Sandra has lost her job and Sanjana has lost her love. Their solitude brings them together, not in person but in virtual, through web chat. They are entirely different as individuals; their cultures and way of lives are poles apart. It is their difference that connects them more and more. Sandra is shocked to see how Sanjana can restrict herself to constraints, which seems so ridiculous to her. Sanjana is equally shocked to see the joy Sandra finds in her own body.
Visible Bra Straps is their point of reference to the Sandra’s freedom and Sanjana’s bounds. But not all freedoms bring solace. Life has not connected them only for fun…
The film has made rounds of a lot of festival and was also showcased at Cannes Film Festival.

Candice Boucher Grabs Maximum (eye) Balls!

The Annual gala event held every year at Cannes attracted lots of media attention this year. India was adequately represented by a string of celebrities like Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor Anurag Basu, Mallika Sherawat. Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat had made elaborate plans to attract maximum number of  balls (eyeballs) with her revealing outfit this year.

What was disheartening was that a firnagi model and a newbie to Bollywood Candice Boucher outshined the Bollywood actress and reportedly, made more heads turn than Mallika Sherawat.
“Mallika did wear a revealing outfit with her undergarments quite visible but it was Candice Boucher who walked in minutes before her in a see through gown and the photographers went berserk,” revealed a source.
The outfit adorned by Candice has created a stir around the world. Mallika did wear a revealing outfit with her undergarments quite visible but it was Candice Boucher who walked in minutes before her in a see through gown and the photographers went berserk.
Candice was walking the red carpet since her film Azaan was to be showcased. She walked in with director Prashant Chaddha and the lead actor of the film Sachin Joshi. Mallika was obviously fuming but what could one do,” informed an insider at the event.
Although Mallika remained unavailable for comments, her spokesperson said, “Nothing like this happened.”