My female co-star tried to molest me: Alisa Khan

It seems Bollywood is running short of new publicity ideas. A newcomer in Tinsel Town Alisa Khan has blamed her  co-star Rakhi Vohra for ‘getting fresh’ and doing other ‘indecent acts’ with her during the shoot of ‘ My Husband’s Wife’ in Kuala Lumpur
Model turned actress Alisa Khan plays an important role in producer-director Vinod Chhabra’s film My Husband’s Wife was so upset with her co-star that she went to the extent of accusing her of molestation.
She told media persons that she was zapped by this experience and decided to leave B-Town to  get a job as an airhostess.
“When I was shooting for the movie, my co-actress, Rakhi Vohra suggested that we share the same suite in a five star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. I agreed to shift to her room because I thought I would have some company.
‘However, I didn’t know what was awaiting me,” said Alisa.
“Rakhi started getting fresh with me. She started stripping and chasing me stark naked. When I protested, she locked me inside the room and went for the shoot alone.
It was only after I called up Pawan and the producer Vinodji that they pleaded with Rakhi to give them the keys,” she added further

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