Kylie Jenner Gets Cheeky To Sell Her Bum Baring Tees!

By Bhumika Rawat

Rivalling her siblings like Kim Kardashian make up maven Kylie Jenner had decided to take things to the next level. Her Kylie Shop product shop is giving big sister the Kardashian a run for her money In the latest addition to a collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts and panties Kylie Jenner has now launched a t-shirt featuring a photo of herself posing with her jeans dropped halfway down her backside exposing her pert butt cheeks. 

But it’s not like this is the first time Kylie has released risqué clothing to the Kylie Shop. There was another t-shirt featuring her only in a black lacy bra with her assets on full display.

And Anushka Sharma Was Right On The Stage During The Goof Up!

Actor Anushka Sharma believes that the Oscars 2017 goof-up could have been easily averted? Remember the huge goof up that happened at Oscars this year? They announced the name of the wrong winner for the Best Film category and gave it to La La Land before they realised the actual winner was Moonlight. And by then, the entire La La Land team was on stage, finishing their speeches. Ouch!

Anushka, who is on a promotional spree for her upcoming film Phillauri, wrote on Twitter today “Yeh log mujhe sun nahin paye, main toh kab se Hindi mein keh rahi thi ki naam galat likha hai.” This is a part of the social campaign called #ShashiWasHere in which the actor is quite smartly placing herself in the happening events around the world, and Oscars is one of those. In the film, Anushka plays a ghost called Shashi who is apparently everywhere.

This smart marketing move has capitalised on Oscar goof up to create some interesting buzz in favour of the movie ‘Phillauri’

Sensational Scenes Snipped By Censor Board Find Way To YouTube

By Bhumika Rawat

Director Avinash Das is an angry man today. His latest film ‘Anaarkali of Aarah’ is in a tug of war with the Censor Board over certain bold scenes. After much debate they had agreed to three cuts which have now made their way to the internet.

The online video has actor Swara Bhaskar’s deleted boob groping scene and another one where she showed her bare back. The producers have decided to file an FIR for a police probe into this entire case of piracy. 
‘Anaarkali of Aarah’ is a story of small town dancer facing a male dominated society. This women centric film has Swara Bhaskar in the lead and ably supported by veteran artists like Sanjay Mishra and Pratik Tripathi.

The movie has already courted controversy  for its reference to Veer Kunwar Singh University located in Bihar’s Bhojpur district, of which Aarah is the headquarter. The trailer of the movie features an item number shot as part of the silver jubilee functions of this university. The University administration is furious over this depiction and reportedly said that it maligned the image of freedom fighter Kunwar Singh and also the people of Bihar.

First Take: Our Awards Vs. Their Awards

By Monica Arora

The Indian film Awards like the Filmfare and several others are indeed very “transparent”! Please don’t get me wrong here…The actual trophy or the ‘black lady’ as it is fondly referred to is a perfectly carved statuette of a lady which is solid and opaque but it is the ceremony that is completely akin to the big, fat Indian wedding, where the intricacy of the outfits and the weight of the jewellery easily reveal the immediate family of the bride and groom, followed by friends and acquaintances in relatively lighter outfits depending upon their degree of separation from the couple getting married.

 In the same light, depending on the nominations for that particular year, the winners can easily predicted by those sitting smugly in the first row. So if films of say Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor and Aamir Khan are nominated, and one spots Anil Kapoor beaming with his khandaan in tow in the first row, then it’s a no-brainer that he will win the best actor trophy eventually and if Amitabh Bachchan makes his presence felt till the very end of the excruciating 6-hour long ceremony, then he is bound to win the Best Actor Critics’ Choice Award at the very least. 

Vis-à-vis our desi Awards, the Academy Awards or the Oscars are like a huge carnival of stars. Anyone and everyone who is associated with Hollywood shows up immaterial of who will win eventually. Forget the stars being aware of who the winners will be…at Monday night’s Oscar Ceremony, even the presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were clueless and apparently took the wrong envelope – the one for best actress winner Emma Stone – onto the stage. The biggest oops moment occurred when the gushing ‘La La Land’ team were midway between their ‘Thank you’ speeches and Price Waterhouse Coopers officials raced onstage to try and rectify the gaffe. Host for the evening Jimmy Kimmel cracked a lame joke but the gracious ‘La La Land’ Producer, Jordon Hurwitz, eventually made the way for the stupefied ‘Moonlight’team on stage as he held up the card for the Best Picture winner ‘Moonlight’. And we thought that it happens only in Bollywood…

The saving grace was that Viola Davis, won the Best Supporting Actress trophy for ‘Fences’whilst the first Muslim ever to be awarded an Oscar was Mahershala Ali, for ‘Moonlight’, and of course both were not White actors as has been the rant against the Oscars for many years. Talking of rants, many Bollywood stars such as Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgan and recently Kangana Ranaut, have boycotted the Filmfare Awards calling them “un-credible and pre-determined” for various reasons ranging from personal to other more valid instances of very major upsets. For instance, when both SRK and Aamir were nominated for Best Actor for ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge’ and ‘Rangeela’ in the same year, and SRK won, Aamir decided to never ever attend any award other than the National Award ceremony in India.

The most famous “rejection” of the Oscars was by none other than ‘Godfather’ Marlon Brando when in 1972 he announced that he would boycott the ceremony, and would send an actress of the Native American community, Littlefeather, in his place. When then James Bond actor Roger Moore presented the Oscar to Littlefeather, she read a portion of Brando’s statement that stated: “The motion picture community has been as responsible as any for degrading the Indian and making a mockery of his character, describing his as savage, hostile and evil.”
And coming to hosts and hostesses, the Oscars had Chris Rock last year when the #OscarsSoWhite movement was at its peak and he made no attempt to be politically correct at all! Besides, the propah Oscar favourite hosts have been Billy Chrystal, Whoopie Goldberg, Ellen De Generes, and even Anne Hathaway accompanied by James Franco, an insipid team if one could be. 
Meanwhile, the Filmfare Awards have seen Shahrukh and Saif Ali Khan at their wittiest best when they co-hosted the 2008 Filmfare Awards clad in blue towels and literally bludgeoned the “bluish inspired” cinematography of ‘Saawaria’, the Sanjay Leela Bhansali filmthat launched Ranbir and Sonam Kapoor. As is well-known, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, took offence and so did Ashutosh Gowariker at the 2009 edition of Filmfare with then host Sajid Khan for making fun of the Hindi film fraternity, and as recently as 2016, Neil Nitin Mukesh took offence at his name being parodied at the award ceremony. Thank God, Hollywood stars still have their sense of humour intact!

Of course, the outfits donned by the superstars are another story by themselves at both the Indian and the American ceremony. So whilst we still have the quintessential diva Rekha donning her Kanjeevaram silks, gold necklaces and jasmine blossoms in her hair, whilst pronouncing the winner of Best Actor trophy at the Filfare Awards every year, this year we had DeepikaPadukone and Priyanka Chopra rock the Oscars’ afterparty with stunning designer gowns, not to forget the Hollywood beauties sporting some of the best names in the business including a Ralph & Russo gown and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry sported by the ‘desi-girl’ Priyanka besides the usual suspects such as Cristian Dior, Oscar De La Renta, Gucci, Givenchy, Armani, Versace, Alexander Mc Queen and so on. But of course, the newsmaker was Deepika Padukone who repeated her 2012 gown at the afterparty and gave immense food for thought to Indian celebs who would rather die than be seen repeating an outfit… more power to the women!

(The author is a nitpicky editor and a movie enthusiast. The views expressed above are the author’s own) 

Sunny Pawar And His Amazing Journey To Oscars Red Carpet

Mumbai slumkid and Lion star Sunny Pawar basked in the limelight at the 89th Academy Awards ceremony where he won accolades from the audience having some of the world’s greatest actors after re-enacting a scene from The Lion King with host Jimmy Kimmel. The seven-year-old was selected from 2,000 children across schools in India to play the role of the young Saroo Brierley.

A Class 3 student of the Air India Model School where he is good in studies, Sunny and his younger brother and sister, live with parents Dilip Pawar, a former government office sweeper, and home-maker mother Vasu, in a slum in Kalina in the western suburbs, near the airport.

Despite his humble background, Sunny zoomed through auditioning rounds in Mumbai and Pune to land a plum role in the blockbuster Hollywood biographical film Lion, sources close to his family and the production house said.
“Sunny was selected from around 2,000 talented children in a hunt in schools all over India, culminating in the final auditions held in Mumbai and Pune some one-and-half year ago. He fitted the role perfectly,” a source told IANS.

Sunny is cast in the role of a young Saroo Brierley, who was stranded in a train which catapulted him hundreds of kms away from home to busy Kolkata. There, he ekes out an existence on the footpaths, before a young Australian couple adopts him. The elder version of Saroo was played by Dev Patel in the film. The actor even thanked child star Sunny, saying “He’s a really beautiful little soul and I’m grateful to him.”

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the awards ceremony walked down to where Sunny was sitting to talk to him strangely about the editing quality of ‘Hacksaw Ridge’. A baffled Sunny kept his answers short and most of them were ‘yes’.

The child star lit up when Kimmel asked him whether he had seen “Lion King”. The host then lifted Sunny up to recreate the signature anointment movement from the hit animated film. Kimmel, who had parachuted candies for the Hollywood audience, had them flying down from the ceiling again, especially for Sunny.

Though he could barely speak English, Sunny’s bubbly, charismatic presence more than made up the communication shortcomings, with the cooperation of the entire film crew.

“Film director, Garth Davis had to put in a lot of efforts with Sunny during the shooting in India and Australia. For instance, he used sign language to make Sunny understand the dialogues, enact the sad or emotional scenes,” said the source.

The first half of the film, mostly hogged by the little Sunny, is in Hindi and he delivered the dialogues with ease and finesse.

But on the sets – his shooting schedules spanned over three months in Kolkata and Madhya Pradesh in India, and Melbourne, Tasmania in Australia – he was accorded ordinary treatment.

“No pampering of any sort, no special treatment in any manner. After all, he was playing a very emotional role and was required to keep that demeanour,” the source explained.

But, he chilled out a lot with his on-screen mother, Nicole Kidman, who he also taught to play cricket, and with his on-screen father, David Wenham. Some of those scenes finally figured even in the released film. At the shootings, Sunny was accompanied by his father and translator Rahul to interact with the production team and others.

Sunny has become the most popular child star of the awards season. Close on the success of Lion, Love Sonia featuring Sunny and another Mumbai girl Frieda Pinto is ready for release later this year. “However, he has not exactly been swamped with offers from Bollywood. But that is because he has remained extremely tied up with ‘Lion’ and ‘Love Sonia’ and was away from the country for several spells,” the source said.

It is not known when Sunny will return home, but he can surely expect a Lion’s welcome! Incidentally, exactly 10 years ago, some slum children from Mumbai had grabbed global attention with Danny Boyles’ Slumdog Millionaire, which incidentally starred a much-younger Dev Patel in a key role.

The main child actors in that multi-Oscar winning film – Rubina Ali, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail and Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar – are now grown-up teenagers leading normal lives in Mumbai, away from the arc lights. (IANS)

Crazy Moments At This Year’s Oscars!

Los Angeles: Here are the craziest moments that were witnessed at this year`s 89th Oscars:`La La Land` producer Jordan Horowitz (L) holds up the winner card reading actual Best Picture winner `Moonlight` with actor Warren Beatty onstage. Beatty opened wrong envelope, mistakenly announced “La La Land” as Best Film. Finally “Moonlight” got best Oscar award. 

It was the most dramatic moment in the history of the Academy Awards. “There`s a mistake. Moonlight, you won best picture,” Fred Berger, the La La Land producer, announced to the gasps of a shocked crowd. He held up the card clearly showing the winner was Moonlight.

It was an extraordinary scene. The La La Land team was halfway through their victory speeches when it was noticed that the wrong film`s name had been read out by Warren Beatty and that Moonlight was actually the winner. Finally, the stars and crew of La La Land shuffled off the stage and handed their gold statuettes to a jubilant Moonlight team. Beatty said that he had been given the wrong envelope to open. “I opened the envelope and it said Emma Stone, La La Land,” he said, adding that he had not done it “to try to be funny”.

At backstage Emma Stone was heard saying : “I was holding my best actress card the whole time so whatever story you heard, I don`t know what happened, but I wanted to tell you that.

“When it happened I was just on such a buzzy stage, I was already on another planet. “I think it`s a good outcome but a very strange happening for Oscar history.” “Is that the craziest Oscar moment of all time? Cool. We made history tonight. Craziest moment.” – Emma said.

Jokes and attacks on President Trump.

The awards were handed out in between jokes and attacks on President Donald Trump.

Live coverage in 225 countries.

“This broadcast is being watched live by millions of Americans, and around the world in more than 225 countries that now hate us, and I think that is amazing,” Kimmel said at the opening of the awards show.

Jimmy Kimmel attempted a hilarious prank.

Jimmy Kimmel just made an attempt at a hilarious prank at the Oscars. The Oscars host gathered some unsuspecting people from a Los Angeles tour bus and brought them into the theatre, turning off all the lights to surprise them. However, he miserably failed in his aim which was apparently to capture the surprise on their faces the moment they realised they were at the Oscars which, with some fans at least, paid off.

Mahershala Ali : First Muslim actor to win an Oscar.

Mahershala Ali becomes first Muslim actor to win an Oscar for his role in `Moonlight`. Ali, a first time nominee, won the Academy Award for best supporting actor for his portrayal of a drug dealer, who mentors a young boy who is being teased and bullied in the heartbreaking coming of age tale.
Jimmy Kimmel`s protest against Trump.

Opening the show, Jimmy Kimmel, the talk show host, thanked President Donald Trump for making the Oscars appear less racist as he opened the 89th Academy Awards saying “I want to say thank you to President Trump. Remember last year when it seemed like the Oscars were racist? It`s gone!” he quipped.

“The ceremony was being watched around the world by “countries that now hate us.” “The country is divided right now, I`ve been getting advice that I need to say something to unite us”. “Let me say something. I can`t do that. There is only one brave heart in this room and he`s not going to do that either,” he said in a dig at Mel Gibson.

Standing ovation to Meryl Streep.

He made the audience give Meryl Streep a standing ovation. He said the actress was “over-rated” while echoing the President`s appraisal of her following Streep`s anti-Trump speech at the Golden Globes.

View image on Twitter.

“Any publication with the word “Times” leave the building.

“He then referenced the exclusion from a White House press briefing of certain news organisations on Friday. He asked anyone from CNN, New York Times or any publication with the word “times” in to leave the building.

Oscar nominees wear blue ribbons as mark of protest against Trump.

Several Oscar nominees threw their support behind the organisation American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which first challenged President Donald Trump`s travel ban by wearing blue ribbons to the ceremony.

Loving Ruth Negga first sported blue ribbons.

Irish-Ethiopian star Ruth Negga, who is up for best actress for her role in `Loving`, was first on the red carpet and sported the political accessory on her red Valentino dress.

Actor Ruth Negga attends the 89th Annual Academy Awards.

Ruth Negga was followed by the Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and his mother who wore the pin. Miranda has been nominated for music and lyrics for How Far I`ll Go from animated movie `Moana`.

Lin-Manuel Miranda with his mother.

Director of best film nominee Moonlight, Barry Jenkins, was also spotted with the blue bow pinned to his suit.”I`m sorry I`m not with you tonight. My absence is out of respect for the people of my country and those of other six nations who have been disrespected by the inhumane law that bans entry of immigrants to the U.S.” Iranian director Asghar Farhadi said in one of the most poignant moments of the ceremony. The Salesman won the best foreign language film, allowing director Asghar Farhadi to attack President Trump`s “inhuman” travel ban.

Iranian astronaut Anousheh Ansari accepted the award on behalf of director Asghar Farhadi.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan made clear his political motivation in hosting the British premiere of the “The Salesman”, saying: “President Trump cannot silence me.” Thousands of people braved London`s winter drizzle earlier on Sunday for a screening of the Oscar-nominated movie that has become a rallying point for opponents of Trump`s immigration policy.

Kim Kardashian Suffered Minor Wardrobe Malfunction 

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian suffered a wardrobe malfunction with her racy corset top while stepping out for lunch.
Kim was spotted on earlier this week, and she didn’t seem to be bothered, reports

She suffered a nip slip in the skimpy white corset top when she left restaurant that day. As seen in some photographs, the plunging top, which she paired with an oversized parka, matching sweatpants and a pair of heeled boots, barely covered her ample assets.

Kim was dining with mother Kris Jenner and sister Kourtney Kardashian. The day marked what would have been the 73rd birthday of Kim’s late father, famous lawyer Robert Kardashian.

‘Rangoon’: Fearless Ideas, Flawed Execution

By Meetali Kutty 

Film: Rangoon

Director: Vishal Bhardwaj

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Richard McCabe

Genre: Period Drama

 Eagerly awaited, Vishal Bharadwaj’s latest cinematic venture weaves a love triangle, among the setting of India in 1943, when Gandhi’s Quit India Movement was at its peak, Subhash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army was targeting the British, and the colonial rulers were involved in World War II. However, with these diverse strands, the plot of the film falls flat, and leads to a facile climax, all over the course of nearly three hours!

Kangana plays Miss Julia, a character inspired by stuntwoman Fearless Nadia, with zeal and a stunning sentimentality that only someone like her can achieve. She is the prize possession of actor turned producer Rusi Bilimoria, (Saif Ali Khan) who seems to live out his unfulfilled climatic dreams through his protégé. She later meets army general Nawab Ali (Shahid Kapoor) while on her way to entertain the troops in Burma, where the former rescues her. While Rusi searches for his pet, Nawab and Julia start falling in love. Who will Julia choose is the central premise of this movie, where war just serves as a spectacular backdrop.
The performances of the three leads is believable and each actor embodies their character with Kangana mixing fierceness with a soft heart, Shahid taking a grim role as an army man who has seen a lot of sorrow in his life, and Saif looking every bit the royal in his suits. 
The only sour note is Richard McCabe’s performance which comes off more comical than villainous. The film has an aura of old Hollywood to it, with Saif referring to Kangana as ‘kiddo,’ while the digital way the war scenes have been shot as well as the more modern music, composed by Bhardwaj and penned by Gulzar, add a contemporary feel to the proceedings.
What is interesting to note is that all three main characters are not from a majority religion in India, allowing the film to not take on overzealous patriotic tones, and showcasing war film in India without a Hindu lead, a rare instance indeed! Sadly, while there are glimpses of subversion and great plot threads, the film ends up a jumble, without any real take away. The best part of the film is the lush cinematography which will capture your attention throughout.

Verdict: ***

Censor Board Gets Scared Of ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’

MUMBAI: (IANS) India’s film censor board has refused to certify ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ for its sexual references and use of abusive words, among others. And even as a string of celebrities condemned the development as ridiculous, the film’s director Alankrita Shrivastava said she is determined to ensure that the Indian audiences get to watch the film.  
Celebrities, including Pooja Bhatt, Farhan Akhtar and Vivek Agnihotri, spoke up against the Central Board of Film Certification’s (CBFC) decision — bringing the spotlight back on the feasibility of the censor board in India. 
The film — starring Konkona Sen Sharma and Ratna Pathak Shah — chronicles the secret lives of four women of different ages in a small town in India as they search for different kinds of freedom.  
A copy of the CBFC letter to the film’s producer Prakash Jha states: “The story is lady-oriented, their fantasy about life. There are continuous sexual scenes, abusive words, audio pornography and a bit sensitive touch about one particular section of society, hence film refused.”  
Shrivastava, who is in Glasgow, where the film will be screened at Glasgow Film Festival, told IANS: “I am not defeated, disheartened or disillusioned by the CBFC’s refusal to certify ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’. I am more determined than ever before to ensure that ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ can be watched by Indian audiences.”  
“I will fight this out till the very end, and do whatever it takes because this is not about my film. The real issue is the systematic suppression of women’s voices and the throttling of freedom of expression,” added Shrivastava, who last helmed “Turning 30!!!”.  
Shrivastava said that “as a woman and as a filmmaker no one can take away my voice”. She added: “I believe the decision to refuse certification to our film is an assault on women’s rights.” 

Farhan Akhtar And Diana Penty Join Hands For ‘Lucknow Central’

By Bhumika Rawat
Actor Farhan Akhtar and Diana Penty have teamed up for ‘Lucknow Central’, a movie based on a musical journey of jail inmates who form a band during their imprisonment. The shooting of the film has already started in January. The next schedule is planned at Lucknow post Holi in March. 

Actress Diana Penty is very excited about her film “Lucknow Central” and she has described it special as it has a strong story and features some of the finest actorDiana, who made her Bollywood debut with Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer “Cocktail,” was last seen in the family entertainer “Happy Bhag Jayegi”.

She has teamed up for the first time with Farhan in “Lucknow Central”, where she will be playing an NGO worker. “I have always wanted to be a part of stories that I feel strongly about and ‘Lucknow Central’ is one such story. I instantly said to it when Nikhil Advani (producer) told me about it,” Diana said in a statement. 

“Playing a character that holds her own in a film that has some of the finest actors from our industry, makes it even more special for me,” she said. Produced by Nikhil Advani ‘Lucknow Central’ marks the directorial debut of Ranjit Tiwari.