Pakistani Poonam Pandey Qandeel Baloch Murdered!


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Fauzia Azeem alias Qandeel Baloch, who was all over the internet and Twitter trends for her twerk video, Ban, was shot dead in Multan today, 16 July.

According to media reports, actor/model Baloch was shot dead by her younger brother over honour. However, initial reports also claim that she was strangled to death. It appears that her brothers had told her to quit modelling.

Though she had not disclosed her location due to security threats, her brother reportedly knew her whereabouts and allegedly murdered her.

Baloch was also hailed as Pakistan’s Poonam Pandey as she wanted to strip and dance for the Pakistan cricket team during the T20 World Cup in March.

Recently Baloch had admitted to being married and having a son. She had said she was a victim of domestic abuse and violence. She had also claimed her marriage was a forced one and she was just 17 when she was forced to enter matrimony.

Soon after the starlet made this shocking revelation, a man named Aashiq Hussain came forward claiming to be her ex-husband, and revealed far more shocking details about their marriage.

According to an Express Tribune report, Hussain, however, claimed that theirs was a love marriage and Baloch was lying. “I still have the letters which she wrote with her blood,” he had claimed. He also claimed that Baloch wanted a car and bungalow from him.

Qandeel became hugely popular on the internet for her twerks in video ‘Ban’. Take a look

Where ever I go Kolaveri follows: Shruti Haasan

The most obvious thing that you want to ask singer turned actor Shruti Haasan is why she hasn’t lent her voice to the Tamil song, Kolaveri which is a rage online. While superstar Rajinikanth’s son-in-law Dhanush, who sings the song, has attracted a huge fan following, Shruti, who’s part of the music video, has not even sung a line in it.

“When I first heard the song, I absolutely loved it,” gushes the actor. “It’s unique, especially since it hardly has a handful of Tamil words in it. Dhanush has sung it so wonderfully. His voice sets the song apart. Frankly, I didn’t expect the song to become such a rage. Kolaveri has forever ruined my entrance to any party…thanks to the number of requests we get to sing the song live. It is the next youth anthem, their own party anthem,” she chuckles.

Shruti may not have sung the Kolaveri ditty, but she has sung another song for the same film. “I have sung another song in the film. That one is a lovely song too, but completely different from Kolaveri,” she says.

Considering, she is actor Kamal Haasan’s daughter and Dhanush is actor Rajinikanth’s son-in-law, was there any pressure to live up to their respective legacies? “Not at all”, says Shruti, adding,“In fact, I don’t think either of us got that baggage on the sets. We do have a lot of baggage because of the pressure but I guess things work with us because neither of us are here to outdo one another or prove anything to anyone.”

What about her film trek in Bollywood? The actor seem to have completely disappeared afterher debut film Luck. “I would love to work in Bollywood. In the past couple of years, my choices of films and career graph have changed so much. It is not like I don’t get offers, but there’s been nothing that would make me jump up and say ‘yes’,” says Shruti.“Anyway, I did not become an actor to be famous. I grew up with two famous people at home. I just came here to find myself and I am really happy with my journey so far,” she states emphatically.