Kristen Stewart opens up about dating Robert Pattinson & cheating scandal

Kristen Stewart opens up about dating Robert Pattinson & cheating scandal


Twilight fame actress Kristen Stewart is starring in the reboot of Charlie’s Angels’ film alongside Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska. The film is based on three female secret agents who try to retrieve a high technology gadget from a villain who wants to misuse it for personal gains.

During the promotions of the film, Kristen Stewart who is playing one of the Angels’ talked about her past love life. Kristen was dating Robert Pattinson whom she met on the sets of Twilight. She told the interviewer that she was very much in love with the actor and even thought of marrying him.

However, the couple called it quits when Kristen Stewart’s photos of kissing her Snow White & the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders got published in the media. She was with Robert and Rupert was married. Both of their relationship ended after the scandal.

Kristen also mentioned that she was slut shamed for it, and regretted whatever happened. She has left all these controversies behind her and came out as bisexual. Kristen is currently dating Dylan Meyer who is a Hollywood screenwriter.

On asked about whether their relationship is serious or not, Kristen told that she wants to pop the question to Meyer right away without revealing any further details.

With all this discussion, she also talks about her film Charlie’s Angels’ which has been released now and is doing well.

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Is Bollywood coming out of its comfort zone?

Is Bollywood coming out of its comfort zone?


Indian film industry aka Bollywood has a long history of entertaining its audience. Bollywood movies from the 90s has been full of colour, cheesy dialogues, dancing on the streets, item number, typical hero-heroine falling in love stories. It is all about Masala.

Bollywood produces the most number of films in a year, however, it was lacking something and that was actors, actresses & directors sticking to the same old plot and presenting it with different aspects. Although the newcomers are defying this norm & playing an entirely different game by challenging the mainstream of the industry.


Movies with unconventional story lines, societal issues, biopics, are getting the attention gradually. People want to watch these type of movies along with the other Masala films. Filmi Files will bring you more Bollywood Masala related posts so stay tuned with us.


Indian film industry still has a long way to go. Too much reliance on dance numbers, cringeworthy dialogues are not going to sway the audience anymore
Masaan, Mardani, No one killed Jessica, Dream Girl, Article 15, Bajirao Mastani, Gully Boy & many other films are changing the face of the Bollywood cinema one at a time.

Bollywood has a long journey ahead, and inspite of entertainment films, it has given some best cinema to the whole world. However, audience would really love to have its own superhero team or maybe just a good superhero.

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Good Newwz trailer will make you go ROFL!

Good Newwz trailer will make you go ROFL!


Superstars Akshay Kumar & Kareena Kapoor are coming back together on the silver screen with Diljeet Dosanjh & Kiara Advani to deliver some good news.

Good Newwz trailer launched today and it is literally making people laugh like anything. The film is based on a totally new concept which is a plus point for the film & the actors.

Akshay & Kareena, Diljeet & Kiara are playing the role of 2 couples who are trying to get pregnant through IVF. The real confusion begins when the procedure is completed and the hospital mixes up their sperms as they both have the same last names, Batra. Kareena gets pregnant with Diljeet’s baby while Kiara with Akshay’s.

Good Newwz trailer will make you go ROFL!

The film’s trailer did not bore me even for a split second, a high society couple has to deal with a punjabi couple who are real chill and full of humour and PJs. Diljeet calls sperm as spam in the film. It’s quite hilarious.

We have seen sperm donor concept in Vicky Donor but Good Newwz is a step ahead and with a witty & funny cast like this, it surely looks promising.

Good Newwz is directed by Raj Mehta & is produced by Akshay Kumar & Karan Johar. The film is releasing on 27 December. Filmi Files will bring more to you the latest Bollywood news and happenings.

Watch the trailer here:

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Ayushmann Khurrana shines yet again!

Bala: Ayushmann Khurrana shines yet again!

By Ayushi Agarwal

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana is on a role this year, he has already given a 7th hit film with Bala. His versatility is unmatched in Bollywood, and obviously he has been choosing some really good scripts.

Bala is yet another successful film which was loved by both the fans and critics. Ayushmann played the role of a man who is suffering from premature baldness and is ashamed because of the same.

He tries to cope with it by using different tricks while in the meantime, his love life revolves around 2 women, played by Bhumi Padnekar & Yami Gautam.

Bala is the most successful film of Ayushmann Khurrana till date as it collected over 50 crore in the first 4 days at Box office. Ayushmann Khurrana is doing everything right however, with all this success, the actor remains humble and is receiving a lot of love by the audience.

Ayushmann has given 7 hits in a row, he sings, he dances, he doesn’t choose roles where he has to play some macho heroes who fights off villains and gets the girl rather he transforms into a girl (Dream Girl), makes a movie on an evil societal issue (Article 15), welcomes his old parents’ new born happily (Badhai Ho), learn piano blindfolded for his role of a blind man (Andhadhun). This man is reaching for the stars.

He has two more films lined up, Gulabo Sitabo & Shubh Mangal Zada Savdhan. The film’s titles already seems interesting and Ayushmann Khurrana has set some high standards so I guess we all will be looking forward to his next work.

Fimi Files congratulates Ayushmann Khurrana on this feat and for more Bollywood news, follow this page.

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Akshay Goes Bottoms Up For ‘Bell Bottom’



Akshay Kumar dropped a bomb on his social media today, when he shared the first look of ‘Bell Bottom’. “Get ready to go back to the 80s and hop on to a roller coaster spy ride”, he wrote on Instagram

Fans have been reeling with joy over this welcome news of his upcoming fresh number! Kumar has been doing a lot of nationalist and social-issue films lately, and to watch the actor back in his old element of action, charm (and hopefully, some comedy), would be a change of pace that we all look forward to.

The poster of the film is absolutely fabulous, with all the sepia charms of an old world of the 80s. And the big question is, will he bring back bell bottoms in style?

You never know! The erstwhile playboy of Bollywood has had a knack of setting weird fashion trends, like white shirts worn with top four buttons undone!

Moreover, Filmi Files is looking forward to this new release as it will be a thrill to watch Akshay change his script and role after long. And as for the genre of spy in contemporary Bollywood, we believe that Sushant Singh Rajput starrer ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ will be the one to beat for Akki! The movie is scheduled to release on 22nd of January, 2021, and we cannot wait!

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First Look of Taanaji Dropped!

Movie Review:Taanaji

By FF Network

Following the spirit of historical movies of Bollywood that have flooded the cinemas recently, Ajay Devgn is coming out with his own brand of warrior of the yore- Taanaji. The movie is based on the life and spoils of Subedar Taanaji Malusare, a military leader in Shivaji’s army. The warrior lost his life in the battle at Fort of Sinhagad, but Devgn is all set to relive the story on the big screen. With Taanaji, Ajay Devgn would have given Bollywood, a total of 100 films, and Taanaji is his hundredth.

From his 90’s classics like Ishq where he tickled our funny bones with Amir Khan on his side, to his more recent blockbuster like Singham, Devgn has had his time in the film industry. His most recent brilliance in Drishyam was critically acclaimed, as is the legend that he created in the dramatic timelessness of the dialogues of Gangajal.

Filmi Files wishes him all the more success and congratulates him on his 100th. Taanaji is set to release on the 10th of January, 2020. We shall be watching what Devgn has in store for us now!

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Movie Review: Bala

By Neha Bora

Films of Bollywood are often highly unconcerned and as a result unaware of the story and ideas that constitute them, ‘Bala’ is not one of them! Bala is the story of Bal Mukund Shukla or simply Bala from Kanpur.

Once, the ‘stud’ of his school, Bala is now bald and insecure at 25. He works in the marketing department of a fairness cream company and has been recently dumped by his girlfriend of 15 years.

Bala is friends/enemies with a childhood schoolmate Latika, who happens to be a dark skinned yet firm woman. He wishes to gain his hair back and looks to his friends for help.

His friends Abhishek Banerjee and Javed Jeffrey make Bala try oil messages, raw eggs and even cow dung and bull semen. Nothing works! Meanwhile, Latika who is fiercely unapologetic of her looks is made fun of by everyone, including Bala.

When he is being sent to Lucknow by his company for the add shoot of model and Tick Tok sensation, Pari, he needs to find a solution quickly. The solution presents itself in the form of a wig and Bala is once again filled with the charm and grace if his school days.

He meets Pari, who is dreamy and naive and instantly charmed by him. They make Tick Tok videos, sing, and live in a happy bubble for two months, at the end of two months, Bala returns like a star to Kanpur, Everybody is convinced that he got his hair back by some miraculous treatment.

Everybody but Latika, who calls out his bluff and ‘nylon hair’. Meanwhile Pari visits him and declares her intentions of marrying him. Bala is both thrilled and horrified! He knows that he would have to tell Pari the truth about his false hair, before getting married.

His retinue of friends advise him against it also, incorporating in between the bit about how ‘the world is patriarchal and there are several shortcomings of men, the women only find out after marriage.’

This, is exactly what happens, Pari finds out about Bala’s baldness and in a wonderfully done piece leaves him! Bala is heartbroken and goes to Latika to plead his case in court!

Hereon, begins Bala’s journey of transformation. Bala slowly learns to accept himself and also, that he loves Latika. However, we don’t get to witness the kind of happy ending one is used to.

Niren Bhatt’s story and dialogues are crisp and very engaging. He interestingly places the transformation of his protagonist in the last part of the second half, he also doesn’t make Latika irritating or Bala heroic.

He makes them both human. Kudos to Niren for not making Pari into an empty shallow caricature and Latika into an uptight scorned woman when so many of his contemporaries would have easily done so.

The story knows itself and the audience it wishes to talk to. Although the film makes attempts to apologize for knowing its content well. Bala towards the end, for instance, tries to blunt the edges of a religious criticism. The movie informs the audience that the film is a little cautious of the ‘traditional’/ ‘cultural’ criticism it is making.

The direction is air-tight. The story doesn’t run away despite the multiple things it deals with. There is an endearing believability in the film that sets it apart from the other recent works dealing with premature baldness.

The various references to other popular Bollywood movies and remakes of popular songs is well embedded in the film too. Although the much anticipated ‘Don’t be shy’ is placed at the end of the movie and holds no relevance to the story.

Ayushmann Khurrana has become effortless in playing the common man, troubled by his own prejudices and shortcomings who faces life and emerging happier from it.

His characters are simple with everyday problems but multilayered in their portrayal. The choice of coloring Bhumi Pednekar dark for the role of dark skinned girl has rightly came under a lot of criticism.

The idea of representation and its tokenistic substitution is the debate in this regard. Nandita Das’s entire article on Bollywood’s fear of a dark skinned heroine is proved correct here.

Bhumi Pednekar, however was good in her role as a smart self-governed woman. Yami Gautam as the face of a fairness cream is an interesting choice because she is the face of ‘Fair and Lovely’ in real life too.

Is she justifying the personal choice of prioritizing appearances through her character or is this is funny play of fate? You are meant to wonder at this because this is good filmmaking!

You will also wonder at the wonderful Seema Pahwa’s moustache and eventually draw your own conclusion. Abhishek Banerjee is colorful in his sunder portrayal of wing man/friend/adviser.

Javed Jaffrey needs to do more films because one doesn’t see enough of him in ‘Bala’. Aparshakti Khurrana brings in a special surprise to the film, try to see if you can catch on to it! Filmi Files is the best place to look for online movie reviews.

The movie is worth watching, so enjoy your weekend with this fun release!

FF Ratings: *****

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The Shenshah completes 50 years in Bollywood!

The Shenshah completes 50 years in Bollywood!


Amitabh Bachchan is celebrating Golden jubilee today, he has completed fabulous 50 years in the Bollywood industry. On 7th November, 1969, Big B made his debut in “Saat Hindustani”, the film did not receive much appreciation but there was a star in making and people didn’t know it back then however, it happened.

He has been starred in almost 200 films and always left an impression no matter he was in the lead or playing some actor’s father. People started copying his dance moves, dressing style, way of talking, and indeed he has become a megastar who is still relevant after 5 decades.

Amitabh Bachchan has starred in almost every genre of film and he has given his absolute best in all of them. His breakout film was “Zanjeer” from which he got the title of “Angry Young Man”, Zanjeer showed the actor’s anger, Amar, Akbar , Anthony popped up his quirkiness whereas Anand showed a soft and delicate side of a son. He played the character of a father beautifully in Baghban and I can assure you there were not a single person who wasn’t touched by it. He got his first National Award for the film “Agneepath”.

Later on, he tried his hands on production company, ABCL, which didn’t work out and he ended up suffering huge losses. He then, started playing roles of father and his career again boosted when he played the role of a sophisticated headmaster in “Mohabattein”. He also started hosting KBC in 2000 which has set quite a benchmark because it is still airing and Big B is still asking questions.

He didn’t even stop himself when it came to playing roles which shattered stereotypes. From playing the role of an elderly man falling in love with a very young woman, to playing the role of a child, Auro who suffered from Progeria in Paa. He also won a National Award for the same. The veteran actor also won 2 National awards for Black & Piku.

Amitabh Bachchan is someone who has never been away from the limelight, his early life was full of controversies but he stabilised his position and is the most respected actor in India. He is a charitable person, tweets his heart out on Twitter, always respectful to others. If there’s a book written on Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan’s chapter would make all together a different book.

His son Abhishek Bachchan, shared a heartfelt message on Instagram, Karan Johar also congratulated Big B on this massive achievement. Amitabh Bachchan has a lot of movies in his kitty, and will be next seen in Gulabo Sitabo, Chehre, Brahmastra.

Filmi Files wishes the Shehnshah a happy and healthy life and congratulates him on completing 50 years in tinsel town. We all want him to see more & more on the silver screen because who can ever get enough of Amitabh Bachchan?

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Ujdaa Chaman makers drop plagiarism charges against Bala

Ujdaa Chaman makers drop plagiarism charges against Bala


Abhishek Pathak’s directorial film Ujdaa Chaman starring Sunny Singh released on 1st November, the film isn’t doing that well but has created a lot of controversies.

The story of a man who is going through pre mature baldness is looking out for a wife. He is embarrassed of his baldness & tries to hide it with different ways. Ironically, Ujdaa Chaman isn’t the only film that came out with this issue, Ayushmann Khurrana’s Bala is also dealing with the same issue. Bala is set to release today i.e., 7 November.

Ujdaa Chaman’s makers accused Bala of plagiarism and filed a case. The audience also found a lot of similarities in the movie’s trailers. However, Bala’s director recently told media that the case has been dropped and he assured that there are many differences in both the films keeping the fact that both of them are dealing with the same topic. Filmi Files is the best place to look for online movie reviews.

Ujdaa Chaman earned 8.9 crores in 5 days and is below average at the box office. With the release of Bala, it’ll be interesting to see what the film has to offer and then the audience themselves can decide whether there are similarities or differences in between the 2 films.

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Aamir Khan is all set to star in the Hindi remake of Forrest Gump!

Aamir Khan is all set to star in the Hindi remake of Forrest Gump!


Tom Hanks’ film, Forrest Gump is getting a hindi remake and Aamir Khan is the lead actor in it. The hindi remake of the film is named “Laal Singh Chaddha”. Kareena Kapoor Khan has been roped in for the film & will be playing the role of Aamir Khan’s love interest.

Forrest Gump is a story of Forrest, a man who is dim witted. He witnesses a lot of changes in his life during the 20th century in USA. Forrest loves his mother very much and ends up falling in love with his childhood best friend. Tom Hanks character is a runner who runs many miles and covers quite long distances. The movie was released in the year 1994 and received a lot of appreciation.

Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chhadha shooting began in November and is set to release in 2020. Reportedly, Aamir lost 20 kgs for the film & Kareena even gave a look test for the same.

Even Tom Hanks has given a nod to Aamir Khan for the movie, and apparently Forrest Gump’s screenwriter is hired for the hindi remake.

Laal Singh Chhadha seems to be a challenging role, after all, Tom Hanks has set the bar quite high but Aamir Khan is a perfectionist and after the setback of Thugs of Hindoostan, this film might help him to redeem himself. Filmi Files will keep you updated about Laal Singh Chaddha.

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