Why Sonakshi Trending On Social Media?

By Sanskriti Tomar

Hashtag #YoSonakshiSoDumb is trending on twitter and the twitterati is having a hearty laugh too. Sonakshi Sinha cane on Kaun Banega Crore Pati, on the 20th of September.

Pulling an Alia-Bhatt-stunt, Sonakshi failed to answer some of the simplest questions in the game. One of the questions that started this trend was “From whom did Hanuman bring Jadi Booti?”, and Sonakshi was confused between Sita and Ram. She failed to guess the correct answer, which was Lakshaman. Big B, the host if the show, threw a jab at her, and mocked her that her father and her brothers are named after characters from Ramayana.

He also pointed out that her house was named Ramayana, and yet sue failed to answer such a simple question. Poonam, Sonakshi’s mother who was in the audience, also joined the giggle-fest when Big B directly addressed her and asked her not to tell this to Shatrughan Sinha as he will leave his political rally and come to the KBC set immediately.

After the blow up, the actor even tweeted a reply for the trolls. She wrote that there are many things she doesn’t remember. Further adding, people should keep on making memes about her as she loves them. And, among the things she doesn’t remember, she mentioned Pythagoras’ Theorem.

The hashtag has also generated many memes and the Twitter is abuzz with them! In response to this mockery and meme-making on Twitter, Sonakshi said that people should make more memes out of it, because she loved memes. Sinha acted like a complete sport when confronted with this controversy, and we love that!

Film Review: ‘The Zoya Factor’

By Neha Bora

The Zoya Factor is the story of a young woman played by Soonam Kapoor by means of her domestic drawing-room capability of luck and with the help of some very superstitious cricket players finds herself serving as the official lucky mascot of the Indian Cricket team for the world cup.

The entire film then revolves around finding out whether Zoya is in fact lucky or if in fact there is something like luck and if can serve as a substitute for “hard work” and talent. 

But to be honest, the film is about Soonam Kapoor, who falls in love with a rich and famous handsome man (he also happens the captain of the Indian cricket team, modelled after Virat Kohli.) She can hardly believe her luck.

The movie has a few quirky family members on the side who don’t really have anything to do with the story what so ever. The movie ends with the couple surviving one minor speed breakers in their otherwise smooth fairytale and he audience being none the wiser (in this case about ‘luck ‘) than they were in the beginning of the film.

The film is highly inconsequential. Generally films based on novels create a sense of curiosity in the minds of the audience and make us want to read the novel (we all tried to read The Game of Thrones novels after watching the series!) but ‘The Zoya Factor’ successfully kills any such curiosity one might have had of Anuja Chauhan’s work!

Another crucial factor in the genre of rom-coms is how crisp the writing is! The humour and wit are what make or break a romantic comedy.

The Zoya factor is flopping on it belly with the soggy core of its ineffective writing. The writing is bereft of endearing romantic scenes leave alone sparkling wit.

Anuja Chauhan has let the writing and narration loose, the characters are cardboard cut-outs of other characters from other ineffective rom-coms. Pradhuman Singh hasn’t managed to write a single dialogue worth remember.

The only dialogues that I can remember due to their repetitive nature are clichés, be it romantic dialogues like “ek switch jala ke meri zindagi roshan kar do” or funny dialogues like “ye captain hai ya prime minister”. 

In an attempt to make the story light and airy in mood, the director Abhishek Sharma, makes it insignificant in content. The film is monotonous. There seems to be a perpetual sense of make-believe during the length of the movie.

The director does not give us a world authentic enough to get frustrated for its in authenticity. Even though the film had tried to replicate parts of Sachin, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli and others, a trope as popuar as cricket has not to converted into excitement.

The excitement of the World Cup victory of the Indian cricket team isn’t even a fraction of the excitement of what it is in real life. Zoya’s love for Nikhil Khoda hasn’t an ounce of sincerity. Neither in its declaration nor in its redemption! 

The worst part of the films isn’t the lazy dialogue writing or the dead direction, it is the acting. Sonam hasn’t after all her many years in Bollywood, managed to do a single film that I can watch without cringing.

She is painful to watch. Instead of being our main anchor to the story and the film as a whole, she breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience only to substantiate her inability to act.

She fumbles through her dialogues to the point where she conveys the message that does not understand and has never tempted to try to understand the manner of speaking of someone who isn’t her. One cannot help but think that Soonam Kapoor in lieu of the name she carries finds it unimportant to respect the art of acting.

Where women like Vidya Balan or Kangana Ranaut, and others admit that they try to find roles that will help them explore their acting further. Soonam Kapoor has taken up a challenge of her own, to do the same role, in the same story.

While there is nothing wrong with being a fashion icon or doing the bland kind of films that Kapoor seems to prefer, what feels tiring is the fact that Soonam Kapoor works to remain a fashion icon but demands the status of an actress. Salmaan Dulquer too stumbles across the film in his role as the Indian Captain, perhaps trying to find human in the papers people of the story.

Sanjay Kapoor is barely in the film and when he is there he makes no difference. The rest of the supporting cast too barely gets to act or make an impact. 

The music of the film too is as insignificant as the film itself. While Amitabh Bhattacharya shells out some good lyrics once in a while, this film is left bereft of it. 

One can watch an enjoy the movie if one wishes to witness Soonam Kapoor’s art of dressing like an upper-class modern woman throughout occasions irrespective of the social arrangement required by the story of the film!

Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass: A Litmus Test For Deols

Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass: A Litmus Test For Deols

By FF Network

How well does pal pal dil ke pass a litmus test for deols gone? Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas is releasing on 20th September and it features debutants Karan Deol and Sahher Bammba.

Sunny Deol’s directorial is a romantic drama film. He’s unveiling his son on the silver screen and the promotions are going on a high.

The movie is set in the hilly regions of Himachal Pradesh revolving around the highs and lows of two people in love.

Both the lead actors and director kicked off its promotion with Kareena Kapoor, they also went to the popular dance reality show Nach Balliye and danced their hearts out with the judges and contestants.

The trio then promoted their movie via a chat show with the famous youtuber Ashish Chanchalani.

Sunny Deol’s son Karan Deol is receiving a lot of love from the fans and Filmi Files wishes the actors all the luck for their debut film.

Hope you enjoyed this post on pal pal dil ke pass a litmus test for deols gone.

Watch the trailer here:

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Robert Pattionson And Chris Nolan Shooting In Mumbai

Robert Pattionson And Chris Nolan Shooting In Mumbai

By FF Network

The latest news is robert pattinson and chris nolan shooting in Mumbai. Christopher Nolan and Robert Pattinson were spotted at the Gateway of India, and we lost our calm as quickly as you would have! They are in Mumbai to shoot for their upcoming film- Tenet.

Surprisingly, the movie’s star cast also has a Bollywood name. Dimple Kapadia is set to act in the film along with other big Hollywood names like Michael Caine and John David Washington.

Mumbai was caught up in a hustle and bustle at Colaba when Pattinson showed up at Gateway of India. Twilight, being one of the most favourite among the teenagers of 2000-2010 decade, seeing Edward Cullen in Mumbai was a treat for all the girls lucky enough to be there.

Cyberjunkies has been rooting for Pattinson to come to India since his Twilight days. We Even had a page on Facebook dedicated to the same. Glad how things worked out, and he is here for us to behold!

Pattinson looked dashing as ever in a cream coloured suit with a contrasting olive green tie. While the Twilight star faced a lot of flak after the Twilight movies, for a lack of acting skills.

But when he released Remember Me in 2010, he proved that he was a good actor. Now, under the experienced and genius hands of Christopher Nolan, Pattinson is set to shine. The news robert pattinson and chris nolan shooting in Mumbai are steaming everywhere.

We look forward to watching him in Nolan’s next. Moreover, we cannot be more excited for Kapadia. After Irfan Khan, she is another Bollywood veteran to take the leap to Hollywood, and Filmi Files is proud! Hope you enjoyed this post on robert pattinson and chris nolan shooting in Mumbai.

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Bollywood pour heartfelt wishes on PM Modi’s 70th birthday

Bollywood pour heartfelt wishes on PM Modi’s 70th birthday

By FF Network

Find how Bollywood pour heartfelt wishes on PM Modi’s 70th birthday.

On the day when India celebrated the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi the social media platforms are flooded with birthday messages, wishes and greetings.

Our very own Bollywood also jumped the bandwagon and it left no stone unturned in wishing the Prime Minister.

Superstar Akshay Kumar took Twitter to post a birthday surprise for NaMo. He shared the first look of Mann Bairagi.

He wrote, “Happy to present the first look of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Mahaveer Jain’s special feature, #MannBairagi on the defining moment of our PM’s life on his birthday! #HappyBirthdayPMModi”

Mann Bairagi is an upcoming Hindi movie which will feature an unseen part of Narendra Modi’s life.

Sahoo star Prabhas is going to launch the first look of the movie alongside Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Mahaveer jain.

Many other Bollywood celebrities wished the Prime Minister. Vivek Oberoi who starred in NaMo’s biopic shared a video of PM’s photos with a self composed poem.

Calling him ‘the man who walks the talk with India,’ Ajay Devgn wished Modi.

“Many happy returns of the day to the MAN who walks the talk with INDIA, @narendramodi Ji,” he tweeted.

“May God bless you and our nation with good health and happiness. Happy birthday @narendramodi ji!” Ayushmann Khurrana tweeted.

“Wishing you the best of health & happiness on your birthday @narendramodi ji. May our nation soar to greater heights year after year under your leadership and may you continue being the guiding light for India Jai hind!” tweeted Sanjay Dutt.

Karan Johar, Madhur Bhandarkar, Bhushan Kumar, Randeep Hooda, Paresh Rawal also tweeted some good wishes for the PM Narendra Modi.

And the best gift which Bollywood has probably given to NaMo and his admirers is the movie Mann Bairagi which will unveil the never seen before side of India’s Prime Minister.

Filmi Files also wishes our beloved PM a very happy birthday and hope he continues to make India shine bright in every aspect.

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Film Review: ‘Dream Girl’

Film Review Dream Girl

By Neha Bora

Want to know about the Film Review Dream Girl ? Dream Girl’ is the story of Karamveer, a man who possesses the ability to sound like a sweet voiced woman. So, when he is down with debt, and gets an opportunity to work in a special call centre that caters to needs of lonely(read desperate) men and also women looking for company he strikes golden, and becomes Pooja. Pooja is great at conversation and quickly becomes popular with the customers. Eventually, the clients fall in lovewith Pooja. But, soon, the lives of his many lovers (including his own father and fiancée’s brother) begin to interest and a commotion follows.


Let’s begin with the statement that Bollywood’s comedies are usually insulting to the common sense of the average person. This is also because comedy is difficult to understand as a genre in any form of art. So, Bollywood and as a result its regular audience feels that being funny is equivalent to being insulting towards anyone less powerful. Bollywood therefore generates what we generally call ‘leave-your-brains-at-home’ comedy.


But, it feels great to be part of the audience that gets to witness cinema changing in a way that a man responsible for the comedy in films like ‘Jabariya Jodi’ and stars like ‘Sudesh Lahiri’ are also writing comedies like ‘Dream Girl’. The film isn’t free from the stereotypes and insults or from the masculine narration that we have seen in Raaj Shaandilyaa so far but it is better comedy.


Dialogues like the two-pronged ‘Karam hi Pooja hai’ or the Pooja azaan nikli’ generated massive laughter and not the kind where some might feel uncomfortable. There are some really smart one-liners that enable the audience to laugh at itself in good humor.


There are surprising tributes like Anu Kapoor dressing like and alluding to the Rahul of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, or ‘Baby Doll’ or ‘Oh La La, Oh La La’ being played in the background (both Balaji Films Productions). All of these allusions are fun to spot and don’t take away from the narrative.


The film starts creating humor out of the ever-present ‘Band’ outside Karam’s house playing out popular tunes according to the moods of the characters, somewhat like ‘Maya Memsaab, but the film forgets about it half-way and I feel, losses an opportunity.


The Meet Bros and Abhishek Arora give us an average albumwith party songs like Jonita Gandhi and Nakash Aziz’s ‘Dil Ka Telephone’ and ‘Radhe Radhe’ by Meet Bros.


Also, thank you for not giving us an ‘item song’. ‘Dhagala Lagali’ is a high energy promotional song and is supposed to be a replacement for the ‘Punjabi Rap’ that is the trend in Bollywood’s present times.


THE STORY is new and fresh on the surface but, the age old tale of a man going about his life in the world of other men in essence. But, yes, the story is well told!  Stories and ideas and music, etc together make a film and to recognize this fact in Bollywood, where gods are made out of celebrities, is worth noting.


Ayushmann Khurrana seems to believe in the medium of the story, the role of the director, the power of an idea, and has time and again shown an artist’s courage of being part of films that were a risk and for that alone he deserves a mention.


He is wonderful in the film, and while several actors like Ritesh Deshmukh and Govinda have been cross dressers in films before, Ayushmann Khurrana’s character isn’t a cross-dresser, nor does the film explore this idea or the idea of sexuality (despite Nidhi Bisht’s character also falling for Pooja), he is just a man with the ability to sound like a woman and he is entertaining in every bit of it.  Anu Kapoor(Karam’sfather and Pooja’s lover) is extremely funny throughout the film, Vijay Raaz (lover no. 1) is extremely entertaining with his ‘shayari’ but his character tries to generate humor with the stereotypical idea of the ‘afflicted husband’. Nidhi Bisht (lover no. 2) could have been very funny instead of being very loud has a comic character been written for her.


Manjot Singh gives an effortlessly funny performance. Raj Bhansali (lover no.3) and Abhishek Banerjee (lover no. 4) are a delight to watch. Nushrat Barucha’s Mahi does nothing for the film because somehow women aren’t comic characters in Bollywood. Hope you liked the film review dream girl. Filmi Files will bring more movie reviews this week so keep waiting.


Watch it with friends and family and have fun! You are most likely to laugh!


FF Ratings: ****


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Baaghi 3: Shraddha Kapoor Returns For The Movie

Baaghi 3 Shraddha Kapoor Returns For The Movie

By FF Network

Baaghi film franchise is coming up with it third movie. Sajid Nadiadwala, the producer of the movie shared a welcoming note for Shraddha Kapoor on Instagram.

“Dear Shraddha, you made all of us go Cham Cham! Welcome back to the third phase of Baaghi franchise. We can’t wait to see you back in action! Wishing you all the luck and love on kickstarting the journey today. Love Sajid Nadiadwala,” the note read.

Ahmed Khan directorial Baaghi 3 went on floors on Thursday and it will star Tiger Shroff as the protagonist, Shraddha Kapoor and Ritesh Deshmukh.

Baaghi and Baaghi 2 were huge success on the box office. However, Baaghi 3 has let go of Disha Patani who starred in the second part and welcomed back Shraddha who’ll be playing the role of an air hostess.

The film’s shooting has begun and if the reports are to be believed, the movie will be shot in Agra, Mumbai, Serbia and Georgia. Tiger Shroff has gained a lot of buzzes from this franchise and in this part he’ll be saving a whole city in the climax.

Baaghi franchise has been all about actions, romance and drama, and we can at least expect a lot more action when Tiger will be busy saving a city. Filmi Files is the best place to checkout latest movies reviews.

Baaghi 3 is scheduled to be released on 6 March 2020.

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The Zoya Factor Is Girl-Gang Factor

The Zoya Factor Is Girl-Gang Factor

By Sanskriti Tomar

The Zoya Factor Is Girl-Gang Factor movie for sure. Sonam Kapoor seems to have put all her eggs in one basket, this year. Based on the book by Anuja Chauhan, Sonam Kapoor has just this release in her pipeline for the year. So, quite evidently, she is employing truckloads of innovation for the promotion of the movie.

The Instagram account of the actress is flooding with vlogs, and has invited a lot of viewers. She has released seven vlog, one for each day. These vlogs capture organically, behind-the-scenes of the set life of Zoya Factor.

Sonam Kapoor can be seen selecting outfits by Masaba and consulting with her sister, Rhea, in these vlogs. There is a vlog on the behind-the-scenes of Dance India Dance, that also stars Kareena Kapoor Khan.

These vlogs are a treat to watch as they give a glimpse of the life of Sonam Kapoor and her chemistry with her sister, her brother and Kareena. The vlogs are candid and Rhea is even seen cursing a bit on them.

Filmi Files approves of this promotional tactic. Let us see what Sonam has in store for us. The Zoya Factor is scheduled to release on 20th September, this year. Hope you enjoyed this post related to the zoya factor is girl-gang factor keep waiting for more.

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‘Dream Girl’ All Set For Release

Dream Girl All Set For Release

By Sanskriti Tomar


Is Dream Girl All Set For Release or are these rumors only?

With the upcoming release of Ayushmann Khurrana’s Dream Girl, Filmi Files brings to you the hot goss! The rom-com, directed by Raaj Shaanilyaa, is set to release on 13th of August. The movie stars Nushrat Barucha opposite Ayushmann. Dream Girl


What has attracted the interest of the viewers is the innovative promotional techniques being employed by the moviemakers. The movie has a character of ‘Pooja’ who does shows on the radio. The character of ‘Pooja’ is played by Ayushmann Khurrana.


The movie presents a comic commentary on genderideals and masculinity norms. It breaks many a patriarchal barriers.


Moreover, this new promotional idea is a winner. The indian cinema goers have been getting calls from Pooja herself, and that has generated a lot of fan following.


Ayushmann has already proved himself in the film industry and has a huge fanbase. This unique promotional style has already won heart and the movie is expected to do well even before it’s release.


We worry about Nushrat Barucha, though. She seems to be playing the same role over and over again, in all her movies.


However, the storyline of the movie and the promotion is rather interesting. Moreover, the trailer was quite gripping and we cannot wait to watch this rom-com! Dream Girl All Set For Release lets hope it’s going break all box office records.


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Casting Complete For ‘Dostana-2’, Filming Begins Soon

Casting Complete For Dostana 2 Filming Begins Soon

By Ayushi Agarwal

Is the Casting Complete For Dostana 2 Filming Begins Soon?

The latest news is Casting Complete For Dostana 2 Filming Begins Soon. The bold film Dostana which released in the year 2008 is getting a sequel. It starred Priyanka Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham.

The movie revolved around 2 men who pretended to be a gay couple in order to find accommodation and ended up falling in love with the same girl.

dostana 2

However, Dostana 2 is coming up with a completely different cast. Kartik Aryan, Janhvi Kapoor and debutant Lakshaya have been roped in for the movie.

Karan Johar shared a post on Instagram announcing the new face Lakshaya.

While the 2 make actors in Dostana only pretended as homosexuals, Dostana 2 will feature Kartik and Lakshaya openly as gays.

This movie has a lot on stake, both entertainment and social message wise. India, recently decriminalized Section 377 which now allows the same gender people to have consensual sex but the society still needs some time to accept it without any judgments.

Dostana 2 featuring Kartik Aryan is a big boost for his career. He is already working on multiple movies and being a part of Dostana 2 will definitely help his career graph.

There is still a lot more to know about the movie and as the work will progress Filmi Files will keep you moviegoers updated. As we keep you updated with Casting Complete For Dostana 2 Filming Begins Soon more exciting posts are about to come.

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