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Steamy Movies And Series That Will Blow Your Mind!



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Wanna watch something steamy which will blow your mind? Well, we’ve got your back. Whatever your choice may be, from high school sex to gay sex to sex-infused thrillers- there are a lot of different options for you to explore without creepy popups and awkward ads.

Netflix has made sure that they have everything for you so that you are not alone during the pandemic, you can always watch these steamy scenes with your partner or can help yourself with these playing in the background. You would definitely wanna get railed after watching these scenes and trust me, you might also end up having some mind-blowing orgasms. Let’s have a look at the list curated for you to help you for a sex marathon xD

Deadly Illusions

The thriller wasn’t liked a lot and is technically not that good but I enjoyed it because it was fun and sexy to watch. Kristin Davis plays an author who has hots for her nanny. As the thriller progresses, the line between fantasy and reality blurs as the pair grows ahem-ahem-closer.
Hottest Scene: When Kristin gets eaten out by the nanny in the kitchen.

The girl next door

Cliche but all-time favourite, it is literally like old is gold. A super hot girl moves in next to a geeky guy and the two somehow (obviously) hit it off. The movie feels like you’re back in college when making out at the back of a car was the sexiest thing ever. PERIOD.

Hottest Scene: When they break into their neighbour’s house and go skinny dipping.

American horror story

The show is scary and seductive, making it the perfect show. There’s sex in basically all the episodes, so you can just turn this on and land on an episode for a treat. You are bound to be aroused and rattled at the end of every episode.

Hottest Scene: The premiere episode with Lady Gaga having a bloody orgy, it is something that you will definitely fantasize about for weeks.


It’s a mind-bending thriller, about a cam girl who discovers an impostor after she takes her act to the next level.

Hottest Scene: The entire movie is creepy yet sexy in all the right ways throughout. In the first scene when Madeline puts on a scary show.

No strings attached:

Who needs anything on the screen when we have Ashton Kutcher? Not me, haha. Anyways, no strings attached is a romedy but if you are a little subtle in your sex selection process this might be a good idea. A cute movie where two hot people decide to have sex with obviously no strings attached. (Who were they kidding?)

Hottest Scene: When Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher involve in everything from car sex to shower sex to work sex. It was a sight for sore eyes.

The vampire diaries

Immortal sex is itself a turn on but it has more. Love triangles, hot vampires, etc make this show a super pack. There’s a good amount of sex in the show, since the main lead is in love with two hot vampires. And yes they were brothers xD.

Hottest Scene: The steamy motel makeout scene in season 3. And also the ‘hybrid sex’ in Season 8.

If you haven’t watched it already I highly suggest you do it before the second season comes out. The show is all about sex because as soon as the main leads get married and are free to have sex, they do it everywhere, as many times as they want.

Hottest Scene: Sex montage in episode 6 where Daphne and Simon cannot keep their hands off of each other. Sex all over places from the bedroom to open fields, in the rain and on the ladder was the beauty of it.

Although the show was creepy because Joe was a stalker but if you are strictly here for sex scenes, it undoubtedly has hot/raunchy scenes.

Hottest Scene: It is always hot to watch women take control of the situation, it always hits differently. In one scene, Love takes full control of Joe and he stuffs a tie in his mouth to keep himself quiet when she’s on top of him. Uhmm steamy!

The Netflix thriller featuring Naomi Watts as a psychologist doesn’t care much about her patients but rather manipulates them. And as the show progresses she develops a relationship with a woman named Sydney, close to one of her patients.

Hottest Scene: Episode 7, the whole episode keeps you on your toes with banter and teasing before they go to Sydney’s place after dinner.

If you are a sucker for period drama: the ones with corsets, balls and amazing sex, this show is all you will ever need. Reign is an incredible show with pretty much all the characters taking off their clothes and let’s just say our eyes are treated forever and they never ever disappoint.

Hottest Scene: Season 1, Episode 19 when Bash and Kenna break the marriage bed. Kenna taking control is just cherry on top for me.

Toy Boy:
A story of a stripper named Hugo who spent years in prison after being framed for murder. As soon as he is released, he sets off to find his old lover, who is convinced that he is framed by him for her husband’s murder.

Hottest Scene: When Hugo and his lawyer, Triana hook up. He undresses her and pins her to the wall to have her and proceeds to eat her too. Exactly what I would wanna watch!

The show is super beautiful visually first because of the international locations and second obviously is sex, lots and lots of sex! Juicy murder plot and lots of sex with sexy hot Spanish bodies is all you need.

Hottest Scene: Polo, Cayetana and Valerio’s sexy pool-side threesome in the third season is everything! Goals xD

Have a glass of wine, curl up in your blanket alone or with a partner and enjoy these steamy, hot and spicy scenes to add some fun to your daily mundane lives. What are you waiting for?

Go, Netflix and Chill

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