Movie Review: ‘Fukrey 3’

‘Fukrey 3’ takes a nostalgic dive into the past rather than coming up with innovative ideas to push the franchise forward. Unfortunately, this regression leads to a disappointing film that relies heavily on juvenile toilet humor. The talented cast of men who never seem to grow up brings little life to the screen. Compared to the brilliant original film from 2013,

Fukrey 3 is a letdown. The sequel, released in 2017, felt like a desperate attempt to give beloved characters another crazy adventure. The stoner comedy vibe remains in Mrighdeep Singh Lamba’s Fukrey 3, but it lacks the substance and laughs. Hunny, Choocha, Lali, and Pandit reunite once again to take on Bholi Punjaban in the midst of an upcoming election for the Delhi legislative assembly. As if that isn’t enough, they also find themselves on a mission to extract a diamond from a South African mine, providing an excuse for an unnecessary foreign trip.

This movie takes a long time to get going, relying on an absurd and slow-burning approach. While this worked well in the first Fukrey film, it feels stale in the third installment. Bholi’s character is defanged, Hunny and Lali feel stagnant, and Pandit continues to be the source of enjoyment. Olanokiotan Gbolabo Lucas delivers strong scenes as Bholi’s bodyguard, leaving a lasting impression before his passing in 2021.

Choocha remains unchanged, adding some much-needed energy. Varun Sharma’s dedication and willingness to go along with anything make him a standout performer, even if his potential is underutilized. The film is filled with scatological humor, thankfully suggested rather than shown, but it still fails to leave a positive impression.

After a lengthy runtime of 150 minutes, the movie finally picks up momentum in its final act. In fact, the filmmakers seem so confident in their ability to create chaos that they even hint at a fourth Fukrey film. It’s time to cut off their supply and wash this franchise down the drain.”

FF Ratings: ⭐️

Review by Akshat Sharma