Mahesh Manjrekar’s Daughter Saiee To Play Salman’s Love Interest

best online magazines | Mahesh Manjrekar’s Daughter Saiee To Play Salman’s Love Interest

By FF Network

Ace Bollywood director Mahesh Manjrekar’s dayghter Saiee Manjrekar will play Salman Khan aka Chulbul Pandey’s love interest in Dabangg 3. He’ll be seen romancing with her in prequel scenes while Sonakshi will play his wife Rajjo.

This movie will mark Saiee’s Bollywood debut, it is a big opportunity for her and she certainly will not want to disappoint her fans and Salman Khan.

Dabangg 3 went on the floors on 1st April, this year. Dabangg franchise has been a huge success for the director Abhinav Kashyab & prducer/actor Arbaz Khan.

Salman Khan is known as one of the most generous actors in Bollywood, helping people launch their careers. He has backed his current co-star Sonakshi Sinha, Sooraj Pancholi, Zareen Khan and many others.

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This Monsoon Its Raining Hits In Tinsel Town

This Monsoon Its Raining Hits In Tinsel Town | best online magazines

By Ayushi Agarwal

July has almost come to an end but some Bollywood filmmakers & actors might not want these 2 consecutive past months to get over so soon. June & july months has given 4 blockbuster movies of this year.

Let’s take toll on the hits and decode how these movies became successful.

(1) Super 30:

Release date: 12 July

Director: Vikas Bahl

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Super 30 has already entered the elite 100 crore club. It is based on the life of a mathematician Anand Kumar. The movie casts Mrunal Thakur, Pankaj Tripathi alongside Hrithik, is set to touch 150 crore market.

The film portrays the life of a Patna based man who helps 30 smart but underprivileged students prepare for entrance exams for the IIT. The audience loved it not only because of the plot also because Hrithik Roshan was back on the silver screen after 2 years. The movie is still doing well in the theatres.

These are the 4 super hits of two months, while there are some pretty good movies lined up to be released in the theatres. So let’s wait till we grab a tub of popcorn to watch an upcoming movie! Do miss to check out the best online magazines.

(2) Kabir Singh:

Release date: 21 June

Director: Sandeep Vanga

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It’ll be safe to say that Kabir Singh is the most controversial movie of this year till now. It is a remake of Telugu movie “Arjun Reddy” which was also directed by Sandeep Vanga.

This romantic drama movie stars Shahid Kapoor & Kiara Advani as its lead casts. Teenage lovers from college are separated because girl’s family doesn’t agree with her daughter’s choice. She is married to someone else causes the ex boyfriend to go crazy in love so much that he starts drug abuse and becomes an alcoholic.

The story was gripping but the songs caught most of the attention from audience. It had some scenes which definitely triggered the debates about drug abuse, violence, sexism and what not but it all ended up making the best movie of Shahid Kapoor’s career, box office collection wise.

It became Shahid’s first movie as a solo lead actor to enter 100 crore club later on crossing the 300 crore mark.

(3) Article 15:

Release date: 28 June

Director: Anubhav Sinha

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The name of the movie itself is in the Indian Constitution, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of caste, race, religion, sex.

Article 15 focuses on the hard hitting reality of Indian socio-political scenario.

The lead actor Ayushmann Khurrana plays the role of an IPS officer who gets posted in a small village of Uttar Pradesh as deputy chief of district police. He then faces the most difficult time of his life when 3 Dalit girls are raped and later on 2 of them are hanged by a tree while the 3rd one is still missing.

His investigation takes some horrific turns when he sees the level of discrimination the villagers were doing to lower caste people. The twists & turns in the case actually shows the Indian people a mirror and where are we heading as humans. The movie received good reviews and earned approximately 90 crores.

(4) Bharat:

Release date: 5 June

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

This movie had already created buzz as soon as it was announced. The main reasons were of course, Salman Khan & Priyanka Chopra but it turned out Priyanka backed out from the movie which did not go well with Salman Khan. Although, it might have been a blessing in disguise because Katrina Kaif was casted opposite to him.

Bharat is based on a South Korean movie “Ode to my father”. It portrays the life of a common man played by Salman Khan, his struggles, encounters with day day problems post Independence period.

The movie also casts Sunil Grover, Disha Patani, Jackie Shroff. It received mixed reviews from the audience, however, Salman Khan’s stardom alone made it a super hit which resulted in the box office collection of ₹315 crore. Filmi files are the one-stop destination for top online magazines.

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The Punch: Marvel, You Did Good By Us

The Punch: Marvel, You Did Good By UsBy Neha Bora

“As far as I know, I’m done,” Natalie Portman, the Academy Award Winner, told The Wall Street Journal in 2016 when asked if she would be working with the MCU. She make it clear that her time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was done.

Fans thought that a reconciliation wasn’t in sight when Thor: Ragnarok conveniently wrote her off with Jane Foster, Portman’s character and Thor breaking up off screen.

Three years later, at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, Taika Waititi, the Thor: Ragnarok director from New Zealand (who, for those who haven’t noticed, also plays the character of ‘Korg’), went down on one knee and presented the might hammer of Thor, to the visibly thrilled Natalie Portman.

Natalie Portman was seen playing Jane Foster in the 2011’s Thor, and 2013’s Thor: The Dark World. The second film in the series, Thor: The Dark World was to be directed by Patty Jenkins, the woman who would give us Wonder Woman in 2017, she was also Portman’s favoured director.

There was however a situation where the script was being rewritten continuously, scenes involving Earth were being heavily cut out. Jenkins wasn’t highly displeased with the inconsistency and decided to bid adeau to the film for good.

This did not sit well with Portman, neither did the fact that her character was significantly reduced and she too wanted to leave the film but was bound by contract to continue. She later decided to not renew her contract and stayed away from all future projects of the MCU.

Taika Waititi, while directing Ragnarok, was also reading Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman’s comic series of Thor when he came across the storyline where Thor becomes unworthy of lifting the Hammer and it falls upon Jane Foster to pick it up and save Asgard.

He immediately arranged a meeting with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and she is said to have risen to the occasion at once, giving to us the Goddess of Thunder.

It is not a secret that fans expected an actor of Portman’s caliber to be more than the love interest of a hero driven film like Thor. Thor:

The Dark World, was an immense disappointment to all Black Swan fans, but thanks to wonderful comic book artists, an adventrous director and the ever so resilient Natalie Portman, the audience get to see a talented actor reinvent an already iconic superhero.

There is however great speculation as to how the story line would develop. Whether it is going to stay close to the comic books, where Jane Foster is undergoing treatment for breast Cancer when she is required to lift Mjolnir, the enchanted hammer of Thor to protect Asgard and save Earth from an army of Frost Giants.

The twist however is that every time she turns into Thor, the effects of her chemotherapy are cancelled out, making her human form weaker, until the point where any further transformation would kill her.

True to superhero style, she disregards her safety and turns into the Goddess of Thunder to save Asgard from another threat, eventually killing herself.

Also, true to comic book superhero style, she is brought back to life by Odin, who is indebted to her for her services and Jane eventually recovers from Cancer to become a Valkyrie with male Thor taking back his place with Mjlonir.

As of now, in the MCU, Thor has renounced the kingdom of Asgard, leaving Valkyrie as king and the Mjlonir has been destroyed by Hela. All of which mean, there are more than a few differences in the two worlds.

Since the Mjlonir is destroyed where is Jane Foster likely to channel her powers from? Is she going to suffer from cancer and eventually die at the end of the film?

No matter the apprehensions, fans can’t get enough of this new and exciting development from the Comic-Con.

It is a point of note that the MCU is starting to increase representation in the world’s they represent through their films.

Natalie PortmaPortman as the new Thor,Valkyrie announcing that she is actually gay and in search for a queen (which might even beJane Foster, the mighty Thor herself),finally giving Black Widow her own much awaited movie, giving the MCU it’s first asian superhero film with ‘Shen Chi and the Legend Of The Ten Rings’, announcing Mahershala Ali in the upcoming ‘Blade’ are all moves that MCU fans applauded.

We have been enchanted by your vfx, binged on your larger than life superhero characters, given liverage to you when you badly wrote some of our favourite characters, and even forgiven you for killing off Natasha and Vision but now, we truly appreciate you for acknowledging our sensibilities and upping the franchise game.

We are proud of you MCU for giving your devoted fans some inclusive cinema! Filmi Files is your one-stop goal for the best online magazine on the tinsel town and its Stars.


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From Non-actor to a Nationalist Actor, John Abraham Is On A Roll

From Non-actor to a Nationalist Actor, John Abraham Is On A Roll

By Sanskriti Tomar

With the coming release of ‘Batla House’, one is left wondering when did John Abraham moved from being the generic funny boy or the handsome wallflower, to a nationalist actor.

Time hasn’t just deepened his dimples, but also changed his acting genre.

It all started with the victory of South Hall United in the movie ‘Goal’, starting Arshad Warsi, John Abraham, Boman Irani and Bipasha Basu. John Abraham was first seen in a mildly nationalistic role.

Thing however escalated quickly and before we knew it, he was starring in Force in 2011.

He went on to star opposite Nargis Fakhri in Madras Café in 2013.

He has released back to back nationalist movies ever since. The year 2018 itself saw, not one but, two movies on nationalist scripts starring John Abraham: Satyameva Jayate and Parmanu.

Both the movies follow a similar script and sequence of events. Both the movies are based on the concept of ‘service to nation’.

John Abraham has adapted himself so well to the image of a ‘Jawan’ or a man in service of his country, that the audience is left to wonder!

When did the shy set of dimples from Kaal and Garam Masala enter these new realms of nationalist acting! From having just one signature expression of a bent head, half a smile and eyes looking up to the camera, John has come a log way. He is crowing orders in walkie-talkies, running after terrorists and saving the day, day after day!

But has the average cinema goer had enough of him? Let’s look at the facts:

John has the physique of a soldier and the face of a model. While his acting lacked in comic/sentimental roles, he comes off as a great no-nonsense soldier. Bollywood has found the perfect way to exploit his talents and fit him in the skyline of indian cinema.

The cinema goer might have had enough of movies on the same scripts though!

With the release of Batla House this year, we would have long crossed a threshold of nationalist movies.

But it is a genre that we just cannot seen to get enough of. Filmi Files is your one-stop goal for the best online magazine on the tinsel town and its Stars.

Batla House, starring John Abraham, us based on the Batla House Encounter case of Delhi (2008), against the Indian Mujahideen.

The case became famous for the controversy it drew all around the capital. Movies have now become a way of releasing the basic insights on controversial cases. Batla House comes with a promise of doing the same too! From No One Killed Jessica to Talwars (Arushi Talwar Murder Case), movies entwine the narrative of famous cases and controversy that project a national impact, and present an inside view to the general public.

Since Batla House became one of the most controversial cases of 2008, the movie shall come as a clearer perspective. John Abraham, as usual, will not fail us in his acting as a no-nonsense police officer with non-responsive expressions.

We’ll dwell in the details of the movie and relate it to the real incident. The nationalist spirits shall soar all around. It is a win-win for all!

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Fashion Patrol: Kiara Advani in Red at Indian Couture Week, 2019

Fashion Patrol: Kiara Advani in Red at Indian Couture Week, 2019

By Sanskriti Tomar

Red is, indeed, a head turner! Kiara Advani turned all heads as she stopped the show for Amit Aggarwal in his ‘Lumen’ collection.

Looking truly the muse of a designer, the actress of Kabir Singh fame walked down the ramp in a combination of jewels and dress that can never go wrong:

green statement necklace on a deep red lehenga dress!

But that is as much as can be said for Kiara Advani and the designer! A combination that can never go wrong, that is to say, a SAFE combination.

Indian wedding seasons have flooded the red lehenga-dress and green statement necklace combination. It has now come to a passé!

Kiara Advani in her simplistic makeup, pretty face and amazing demeanour, took the show away. But the Indian Couture Week is a lot more than the famous faces. Amir Aggarwal chose to play safe where he could have brought original game to the ramp!

Kiara Advani needs a more original stylist before she fades into the dimmer areas of a ramp. While she looks ever the beauty, we cannot say the same for her dress. We’ll be watching your fashion choices, Kiara! Filmi Files is your one-stop goal for the best online magazine on the tinsel town and its Stars.

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Pahalaj Nihlani Chopped Out, Prasoon Joshi Is New CBFC Chief

Filmi Fanatic

It has finally happened…

Pahlaj Nihalani has been removed from his post as that of the chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and Filmmaker Prasoon Joshi will reportedly replace Mr Nihalani as the new chairman of the censor board by next week.
Although Pahlaj Nihalani had taken over the office as the chairperson of the CBFC in January 2015, he has been embroiled into several controversies and his blatant comments ever since.
The controversies started as soon in 2015 when he chopped intimate scenes in the James Bond film SPECTRE. Next in line was Udta Punjab where objection was put on various scenes.Next Mr Pahlaj blocked Lipstick Under My Burkha on grounds of the film being ‘lady-oriented.’ He also objected to the word ‘intercourse’ which was used in one of the mini trails of Shah Rukh Khan’s film Jab Harry Met Sejal. The latest controversy involved in Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Babumoshai Bandookbaaz as the board had demanded 48 cuts for his film.
Hope the new CBFC chairman would take some lessons from the past and the Censor Board would act like a mature board and take decisions in accordance to what’s right and wrong. 
All the best Mr Prasoon Joshi

Gimmickry Thy Name Is Film Promotions

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Rewind yourself to the olden times when if a new film was released, one would only get to know it through the show timings in the newspaper or through the big colourful hand painted posters in front of the cinema halls. That was the only promotion any film would get and still they went on to complete 25 weeks or 50 weeks at the box office.

Now, fast forward to the present times where film promotions have become more like a marketing thing in the film making aspect. Now you have directors announcing on social medias about their films going on floors in year 2035…and then during the shooting of the movies, we get to see the snippets of it on either the actor’s insta stories or some small peek which goes viral on the social media within few minutes.

And once the film is completed, oh God the line of promotions is so big that it goes on even when the film is released. So, you have like the actors promoting the film on all sorts of reality shows or the soap operas on the small screen. And if all this is seemingly less, they rope in their industry friends and make a dubsmash video or the industrywallahs start tweeting on their twitter handles showing their so called ‘excitement ‘for the upcoming movie. The teaser of the film first is unveiled, then the poster, then one or 2 songs and finally the trailer of the movie is released in some big way in some lavish auditorium or stadium and mind you it’s just the trailer!!!

But even all this excitement built up and promotional gimmicks, why do these films only run a week or so? Why do they get erased so quickly from the minds of the audience unlike the earlier movies? Are we overdoing the promotions, or are the story lines so weak that all these marketing gimmicks are needed? Can there be any movie which can run without these promotions and just on their story and still do well… time to introspect…

Eros Looking For Buyers of Its Film Portfolio

Filmi Files Bureau

Well, Indian movie industry is surely going places whether it’s our films, our actors or even the way we market our films, we are all over the globe and day by day, we are growing. The latest addition to this growing bandwagon is the movie production and distribution giant EROS INTERNATIONAL who boasts of having films like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, BajiRao Mastani and Dabang in their kitty.

 News is that Eros International is in discussion with Apple, Netflix and Amazon to sell the rights of their 3000 plus film and music library. The deal could worth be around $1 billion as quoted by The Economic Times. Earlier Eros had attempted to buy the film and music library from Sony, Star India, Viacom and Zee.

 Although neither Eros or the other 3 have declined to comment on the news, however the shares of Eros International shot up more than 16% Monday on the reports of the talks. Let’s see what the future holds.

Movie Review: ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’

If you are content to simply bask in the company of a middle-aged Shah Rukh Khan and half-his-age Anushka Sharma, the two attractive leads who star as Harinder Singh Nehra aka Harry, a Punjabi, and Sejal Jhaveri, a Gujarati, then this romance is for you. Otherwise, you would be questioning your motive for sitting through this film.

Once again, it’s hard to put too much hate on a film that clearly tries hard to dazzle its fans, but the elephant in the room here is clearly the script. Yes, this is a wonderful film to gawk at as the locales in Europe are beautiful, but you will find that you are doing just that. The plot meanders on multiple occasions and the characters, especially Sejal, is given some of the most atrocious dialogues that make you chuckle inadvertently.
Sejal is a tourist in Europe, who at the airport on her way back to India, realises that she has lost her engagement ring. Disappointed, dejected and defiant, she opts out of the group to search her ring. She ropes in her tour guide Harry in her endeavour. The premise, albeit cliched, and the setting promise an entertaining romance. But alas, it is nowhere palpable.
Imitaz Ali’s latest oeuvre seems to be mounted on an outdated, perfunctory script packed with cardboard thin characters, silly conversations and a weak plot that lacks depth, drama and the seriousness of a heart-felt romance. This makes the entire narrative seem forced and pretentious, and loses connect with the audience.
Added to the anguish are the performances. Though both the lead actors are ace performers, Shah Rukh does not seem to get out of his comfort zone. His performance lacks lustre and freshness. Anushka matches Shah Rukh with her energy levels but together their on-screen romance lacks chemistry and chutzpah. Her accent is fake and inconsistent.
Aru Krishansh Verma as Harry’s friend along with Evelyn Sharma as his love interest has nothing much to offer. Chandan Roy Sanyal as Gas, the illegal Bangladeshi immigrant thug, does have his moments of on-screen glory.
Director Imtiaz Ali seems to have taken the easy route assuming that a film with Shah Rukh Khan will automatically work. The film sorely lacks drama, interesting twists and freshness. It trudges along on an even keel throughout. The first half is watchable as it establishes the setting and characters, but the post interval half drags needlessly.
The songs “Hawaayein” and “Radha” are melodious and well-picturised, but do nothing to enhance the experience.
The film expectedly boasts of good production values and the cinematographer captures the beauty of Europe with utmost sincerity.
Overall, good actors cannot uplift a poor script and a ‘When Harry Met Sejal’ suffers from that and a lot more. With low entertainment quotient this one fails to appeal. (IANS)
Our Ratings: **

From Farts To Toilet: Is Bollywood Breaking Barriers? 

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Aren’t the titles of the films going really quirky and different? Imagine telling a movie illiterate person, oh I went to see ‘Fan’ or ‘Tubelight’… that poor chap would be wondering as to what’s so special seeing the basic things of existence. And now we are all geared up to see ‘Toilet’, funny indeed… you use it every day and infact see it more than you see your sweetheart, but yes you would be seeing ‘Toilet’. But this is not what are article is all about. It’s actually about how things that were perceived taboo earlier are slowly coming in the mainstream cinema. 

Remember ‘Hum Dil Chuke Sanam’ and how coolly Ms Ash made fun of Sallu’s name as ‘Sameer, Hawa ka Jhoka’, which was a taunt at the fact that he farted in front of her. But on second thoughts how many movies ever since have actually shown the lead actors farting, c’mon its natural phenomenon, but still films are scared of showing it… scared of the smell it would generate? 

There are many things which were still considered a taboo or shame showing in movies but with the new breed of directors and writers and their innovative thinking, some of them are now being considered normal. Flashback yourself and think that had you ever seen the concept of ‘sperm donor’ in movies… shh what are we talking sperm and all that… but with movies like Vicky Donor and various web series, now we actually find the idea practical, it’s a way of helping the childless couple and in a way creating awareness. And talking about Sperms, the next thing which is haww so shameful to show in a movie is Oral Sex. Isn’t Sex an integral part of our lives and what’s wrong in showing the various forms of sex, thanks to films like Delhi Belly where the lead actor was actually shown going down on his girl rather than being on the top, we actually saw a little ‘different’ aspect of it even though it was not shown fully, but yes it was a change after all. 

And how many of us have actually seen frontal nudity in films? We go ga-ga when the man shows his 8 packs or when the heroine strips down to her bikini, but people there is more to that and it seems impossible that we shall see a full Monty in movies soon. But hopes are alive… one day …one day!!

Sex leads to think us about relationships and yes, the concept of ‘live-in’ are now being shown pretty commonly in movies and so are the ‘gay relationships’ with Mr Karan Johar contributing to it in a way, how can we forget ‘Kanta Ben’ looking all shaky and shocked seeing SRK and Saif in the same bed! But why is a gender discrimination here also, if Gays are shown why are we still scared to touch the topic of ‘Lesbianism’. After all, if men have feelings don’t do the females have and the one film that dared to show it was ‘Fire’ although it is still considered parallel cinema. Waiting for that day when Lesbians would be shown in a main stream masala movie.

Awareness is also being spread in the form of making movies which cater to a certain section of society like in the case of My brother Nikhil, where AIDS was discussed or for that matter Taare Zameen Par which dealt with the problem of Dyslexia which is something not talked about it so openly, but yes, these movies are breaking the barriers. Movies are not only generating awareness about superstitions in fairly dominant religious country thanks to movies like PK and OH! My God, but upcoming movies like Toilet- Ek prem Katha takes the social mission of ‘Swatch Bharat’ forward. 

When movies were just considered a mode of entertainment where you could forget about your life problems and just enjoy, the new trend is breaking barriers in making us sit and think and in a way making us aware, but there is still a long journey ahead and hopefully one day it would be achieved.