Rihanna Puts Croc Paint On Her Boobs!

Picture Courtesy: Facebook

Sydney : Rihanna, who recently made headlines for sending Adele a cake in the shape of boobs on her birthday, showed off her cold-blooded side with crocodile skin painted on her breasts.Make-up artists plastered the reptilian additions across the singer’s naked chest and back for her latest video, the Sun reported.

The ‘Talk That Talk’ was seen emerging from a murky swamp to plug her new single ‘Where Have You Been’. The steamy jungle-themed video also features Rihanna in a long black wig, headpiece, wooden bangles and beads.

Last week the 24-year-old released behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage from the shoot, showing her working up a sweat in the two-minute clip.




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Rihanna Goes Topless, Sets Facebook On Fire

R&B singer Rihanna is one of those celebrities who are very comfortable posing in skimpy clothes for the camera. She has posted her many topless and semi-nude pictures on ‘Twitter but this time the 24-year-old singer has posted her raunchy holiday pictures onto her  Facebook page.

This ‘Untitled Album’ contains more than 150 photos and most of them reveal her naughty side. The snaps feature her doing several stages of undressing on the beach and stripping off her bikini top while frolicking under a private waterfall.

Take a look at some of those pictures..



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Saifeena Playing Unconventional Roles In Ágnet Vinod’: Director Raghvan

Agent Vinod Poster

Mumbai: (PTI) On the eve of release of the spy thriller `Agent Vinod`, director Sriram Raghavan says that the audience will be “surprised” to see the other side of real life couple Saif Ail Khan and Kareena Kapoor on the screen. Since the time they started dating, Saif and Kareena have acted together in two films, namely `Tashan` and `Kurbaan`, however, both the movies failed to click with the audience.

“For us that was (pairing Saif and Kareena) something we were conscious of….But it did not scare me…I took it as a challenge. Here he (Saif) is playing a spy, don`t know much about him, his past, what he would do next, while Kareena plays a mysterious girl who Saif encounters in Morocco. I am not making a love story with them, I am making a plot driven film,” Raghavan told PTI in an interview.

The Saif and Kareena-starrer spy thriller is scheduled to hit the screens tomorrow. “Probably, viewers would expect something…I hope we kind of a defy that and so they would be like surprised seeing a different kind of a relationship that they have seen (between the two). Even the audience would forget that they are a real life couple. They would be seen in a different way..,” he said.

The director said it was Saif`s idea to cast Kareena opposite him in `Agent Vinod`. “Saif and I thought of coming together with a spy movie as we both liked the old `Agent Vinod`. The fact that Saif has his own production house and Kareena as his friend and also that she was not cast in `Love Aaj Kal` so Saif asked is there a role for her, so I told him let me finish the script first,” Raghavan said.

“I did not want to give Kareena a role just like that, I wanted to give her a good role as she is a fantastic actress. So if they are real life couple or not I don`t care as long as I get two good actors in my film. My only worry was that she might say is the role good enough for me, but she was happy with the role,” Raghavan said. His earlier two movies, `Ek Hasina Thi` and `Johnny Gadar`–both thrillers–did not have much of song and dance, unlike `Agent Vinod` which has an item number, a Mujra and a few other songs.

“The earlier movies were small and I had then thought that I don`t need to incept song and dance, but `Agent Vinod` is a big adventurous film. I am still to get over my inhibition of getting my hero suddenly burst into a song and dance….Iam not good at that, though I love watching it,” the director said. Justifying the need for song, Raghavan said, “Agent Vinod needs flamboyant music. The song takes the story forward and does not just interfere in between…with each song something else is happening”.

On Kareena`s maiden mujra, the director said initially they were undecided whether the actress would feature in it.”Initially we were not sure. She plays a character in the film and we did not want her to suddenly burst into a Mujra, like a typical Hindi film. We did not want tha…but we got that link,” he added.

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Picture Gallery:’Hate Story’

Upcoming Hindi movie ‘Hate Story’ is one of the most eagerly awaited movies  of  Bollywood. Directed by Vivek Agnihotri, this movie introduces Bong Bombshell Paoli Dam to the industry for the first time. Releasing on April 20 this movie has stirred a big storm for its bold content.

The trailer released last week has become a talking point among the cine-goers in different cities. We bring a picture gallery of this new bold Bollywood movie for our readers.




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Fans Enjoy ‘The Hunger Games’ World Premiere

LOS ANGELES (AP) — When it comes to predicting the big-screen success of “The Hunger Games,” the fans have spoken. Actually, make that cheered.

Hundreds of fans who won tickets to Monday’s world premiere cheered for hours before any stars arrived, screamed when they did and kept the applause going right through the film.

“I thought it was amazing,” said Ruzena Zatko, 28, a fan of “The Hunger Games” books who drove from Las Vegas and spent two nights’ camped out in front of the Nokia Theatre to win passes to the premiere. “He stayed true to the book.”

Based on the best-seller by Suzanne Collins, “The Hunger Games” stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth as teens fighting for survival in a government-controlled world that hosts annual televised games in which young participants are forced to kill their opponents. It opens in theaters March 23.

Fans Ariel Pemberton and Amanda Shultz loved the book so much they doubted the film could match it, but they came away impressed with its look and feel.

Pemberton said it was “way more emotional” than the book, while Shultz enjoyed seeing Collins’ post-apocalyptic world come to life: “We all had different ideas what it looked like, so to see it was so cool.”

Box-office prognosticators say anticipation for “The Hunger Games” matches and may even surpass that for the “Twilight” movies. (The last “Twilight” film is due in the fall.) They predict “The Hunger Games” could bring in more than $100 million in ticket sales during its opening weekend.

Some have compared the two series. Each is aimed at young adults and features a female heroine with two potential suitors. But fans say the similarities end there.

“This doesn’t focus on the love triangle,” said 22-year-old Stephanie Zatko, a “Twilight” fan whose sister-in-law convinced her to check out “The Hunger Games.” ”She’s actually doing something. Bella just sits there.”

“Katniss is a stronger female,” said Alyssa Walker, 20, who read all three books in the series. “The guys are a thing, too, but she does her own thing.”

Still, some in the crowd held homemade posters declaring themselves members of Team Peeta or Team Gale — Katniss’ two prospects.

“Hottest thing since sliced bread: Peeta,” read one sign. “Gale ensnared my heart,” read another.

About 400 fans lined the black carpet where the film’s stars arrived and sat alongside them at the premiere. Hundreds more lined up behind barricades across the street, toting cameras and signs.

“The passion of these fans is unlike anything I have ever been involved with,” said Elizabeth Banks, who plays Effie Trinket in the film. “For me the biggest star here is Suzanne Collins, who wrote the books and is the creator of this entire universe, all this pandemonium.”

Director Gary Ross thanked the author from the stage before introducing the film’s stars, saying, “None of us would be here without the wonderful, brilliant mind and imagination of Suzanne Collins.”

Meanwhile, as the premiere wrapped, Zatko prepared for the long drive back to Las Vegas.

“We’re totally sleep deprived,” she said. “But it was all worth it.”

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These ‘Leaked Pictures’ Are Fake: Christina Hendricks

Washington: (ANI) Christina Hendricks’ cell phone has been hacked and purported nude photos of the star have been leaked on the Internet, but she says that not all of the photos are authentic.

Hendricks’ representative confirmed reports of the hacking and said that multiple self-shots were stolen including several showing the ‘Mad Men’ star barely dressed, without make-up, probably at home, a website has reported. However, the one bare breasted photo is said to be that of an impostor.

The representative said that while it is not known who hacked the phone, proper authorities have been notified and an investigation is underway.(Picture Credit: Daily Mail)

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Who Is That Girl ?

Bollywood has finally come to know about the identity of  the mysterious poster girl in ‘Hate  Story’. Her name is Paoli Dam, a Bengali actress who has a reputation for doing something bold and bawdy. The official poster of Vikram Bhatt’s movie ‘Hate Story’ has aroused lot of curiosity about the film among cine goers.

The poster of ‘Hate Story’ was released a earlier this week and it showed a girl posing topless and a gun was shoved in her jeans along with a strategically placed tattoo. Her identity was kept secret by the producers of the movie but within a couple of days her identity has been revealed by the media.

Paoli is expected to make her debut in Hindi Film industry with ‘Hate Story’.



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