Top Ten Movies Of The Year


By Deepti D.

So, we are in the final hours of 2016… well, I don’t know about you people, but I feel that this year just went away in a split second, I mean just 12 months back we were welcoming 2016 and now in few hours we would be bidding it farewell. We would be welcoming 2017 with new hopes, new aspirations, new resolutions … that would be broken in the first week itself,new joys and new deadlines… phew! The list is endless.

It’s also the time when we would be bombarded with film awards and red carpet appearances of our stars, be it Stardust, Filmfare, IIFA where everyone is expecting an award or so. Slowly, all this would finish and what would be left would be our Friday releases, some of those which we would wait with bated breath and some, that we won’t even bother. But right now,it’s too early to talk about the releases of 2017, instead why don’t we go down memory lane and see the TOP 10 movies which made their mark in 2016 and are in queue for bagging all the awards. So, let the final journey for this year begin…….



2016 started with the Akshay Kumar starrer Airlift releasing in January. Based on a true story, where a Kuwait based Indian businessman becomes a saviour for the 1,70,000 stranded Indians during the 1990 invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. Brilliantly acting by Kumar and Nimrat in lead roles, the highlight of the movie was its strong storyline which evoked patriotic feelings and the popular chartbuster’ Soch na Sake’ by Arijit Singh. The year had on a bang!


This February release also was a turning point in Sonam Kapoor’s career. The story revolved around the brave Neerja Bhanot, who sacrificed her life and protected 359 passengers on the ill-fatedhijacked Pan Am flight 73 in 1986. Portraying Neerja in the movie, Sonam got thumbs up from both the critics and the public and they agreed that she could act! Also, one should give applause to Shabana Azmi who showed that what a fine actress she is while playing the character of strong yet sensitive mother to Neerja.


March saw the release of Kapoor and Sons, a film which showed our modern Indian dysfunctional family and its effect on everyone. The two highlights of the movie were Rishi Kapoor who played a 90-year-old grandpa with a pervert mind and the hot-imported-from-Pak actor Fawad Khan who broke a million hearts by playing Gay! Why Fawad Why?? The story line was fun but made us think … is the family system in modern India really collapsing?


  • KI & KA

April Fool’s day was celebrated with the release a unique movie called Ki &Ka which showed the journey of a young married couple played by the older wife Kareena Kapoor Khan and the young husband by Arjun Kapoor who contradict the gender roles placed on men and women in the Indian society. Kareena played the successful business woman and Arjun the house husband. Progressive in nature, the film was successful owing to its unconvential story line and the lead pair.


Eid is incomplete if we don’t have a ‘Khan’ release and this time it was Salman Khan’s turn to take the box office by storm in this July release Sultan. Not playing his usual ‘dabang and bodyguard’ self, here Salman played a polite yet successful wrestler from Haryana whose career plays a rift with his personal life and how he makes a successful comeback. Giving him company was Anushka who also played a wrestler with the typical Haryanvi accent and some hit songs like ‘Baby ko Bass Pasand Hain’ and the melodious ‘Jag Ghomeya’ . This movie was the super-duper blockbuster of 2016 and it deserved that status.


6 months into the year, August saw the release of another Akshay Kumar movie Rustom. Based on the very famous Nanavati case, Akshay essays the role of the decorated naval officer who is accused of murdering his wife’s lover. Akshay played the character to perfection and the film was successful thanks to the story line, the case which had intrigued people for a long time plus the fabulous acting by the lead pairs.


  • PINK

No year is complete without a release of the superstar himself… yes, we are talking about BIG B.  Pink, a movie based on a social message had Mr Bachchan playing a retired lawyer who comes up in defence of three young women implicated in a crime. The basic crux of the story loudly stated that when a woman says NO it means a NO, whether she is a married or not, a young girl or a prostitute. It underlined the basic freedom of women to her own sexuality. The bold subject and an immensely brilliant performance by the actors made this film a sure shot hit.


This October Diwali release made headlines even before it was released thanks to the tension with our neighbouring country and since it starred dear Fawad Khan. The ultimate result being that the story which explored love in various shapes became a hit, thanks to the undue publicity and the intimate scenes between Ash and Ranbir. Although on the other hand Anushka’s acting was well appreciated, but finally all’s well that ends well.



When the posters of this movie came out, people were surprised to see the unconventional pair of SRK -Aalia. Soon the mystery was cleared when the movie released in November which showed Aalia as a budding cinematographer who finds comfort in life’s imperfections when she meets Jug, a psychologist played by SRK who changes her way of thinking. A simple movie, it touched the heart of millions and people came forward in open about their flaws and fears.


A perfect finish to 2016, Aamir Khan starrer Dangalis surely becoming the year’s biggest hit.

The movie based on the real life former wrestler Mahavir Phogat who trains his young daughters Geeta and Babita to follow his dreaming of winning a medal and becoming world class champions in wrestling. Aamir nails the character to perfection and the young girls have also shown their brilliant acting skills. The message of the film is very clear that Girls are no less than boys, it’s just hard work which pays off. While I am writing this, Dangal is going houseful in all shows.

2016 was indeed a year of many unconventional movies, breaking the old age stereotype formula of films and 2017 looks even more brighter for the industry. With films like Kaabil, Raees, Jolly LLB to name a few, the variety of subjects is growing day by day. Hoping for a good 2017, here’s wishing everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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