KSG -BB ‘Monkeymooning’ Making Waves In Tinsel Town

By Deepti Duggal 

“The first time you marry for love, the second for money, and the third for companionship”- Jackie Kennedy…. This is not me saying but the wife of a famous American President, although it was not applicable in her life but is definitely apt for our newlywed couple in tinsel town… KARAN SINGH GROVER AND BIPASHA BASU!!

The whole month of April was all about making their relationship public, to the masses being subjected to their minutest wedding planning… but before going into celebrating their Big Fat Wedding here let’s take a tour down memory lane with both Karan and Bipasha ji..
Both have had their respective pasts with regard to relationships, Bipasha being the bold bong girl was always open about her boyfriends, be it with Dino Morea who ultimately became her so called ‘ best friend’ and an agony uncle to all her problems.

The next in line was the dashing and oh so handsome John Abraham and I bet she made a lot of girls jealous when she started a live-in with him, but this solid rock relationship also crumbled down after 11 years and John went to marry some Ms Priya and Bipasha started to date a “Hrithik lookalike” by the name of Mr Harman Baweja.

The Harman-Bipasha love story was a blink and miss story, by the time the people actually started looking at them as a couple, they broke away and Bipasha was left all “Alone” again!!

Karan Singh Grover aka KSG was also in his space of relationships. It started with his gup-chup marriage with a TV actress Sharaddha Nigam which fortunately or unfortunately broke in 11 months flat… oh God .. why such cruelty.. You could have let them celebrate their 1st Anniversary atleast !!

Next came his Co-star, the very dainty and pretty Jennifer Winget, their love story began on sets and culminated in marriage to end in a divorce….reason being that Ms Winget was quite tired of KSG’s roving eye .. and like Bipasha , Mr KSG found himself “Alone” too !!

AND THEN CAME THE MOVIE…. And you guessed it right… by the name of ALONE where our two lonely souls met and cupid struck as both were looking for something called “LOVE” in their lives. After months of denial in spite of the various cozy Instagram pics and Twitter statuses, they finally succumbed and declared it loud and clear that “ Haan humne bhi pyar hai”.

Thus began the preparations of the Punjabi-Bong wedding where the whole of India participated as if it was their “Ghar ki Shaadi”..from Mehendi to Cocktails to Marriage and ofcourse the Reception where the entire Bollywood descended… both looked blissfully happy and utterly cute.

Poor KSG was trolled a lot saying that his track record was like that of Olympics…who gets married after every 4 years… and also that he is the most secular guy in our country.. 1st Marriage to a Sikhni, 2nd to a Christian and 3rd to a Hindu.. now waiting for the 4th to a Muslim !!!!

All said and done, right now they are the most romantic couple that bollywood has seen for a while and yes their honeymoon pics from Maldives on Instagram are making everyone go envy with green…but I have one question in my mind and its really making me think….

Is this marriage for love or companionship or two heartbroken people coming together… only time would tell.. but till then we wish this couple a very very happy wedded life and many years of togetherness…….

2016 The Year of Heartbreaks and Heartaches! 

By Deepti Duggal

The year 2016…also a Leap year.. a year good for love and romance according to astrologers but it seems our stars in showbiz are bent upon proving our poor ‘jyotishis’ wrong. While the whole world welcomed 2016 with a kiss and hug , our stars kissed and hugged each other good bye…
Here we bring you some of the heart clenching celebs’ breakups which have taken over the B-town these days….

1) Farhan Akhtar – Adhuna Bhabani

Love really does wonders to one and does not even see the age difference, so while we thought that Farhan Akthar and the much older to him Adhuna Bhabani were the couple to look up too, one was left in shock when they announced to go their separate ways after 16 years of marriage. Although they both did it in the most dignified way keeping their kids as their utmost priority, a little birdie said that it was Farhan’s proximity to his Wazir co star Aditi Hydari that led to this bye bye. We are also as clueless as everyone else…

2) Ranabir Kapoor- Katrina Kaif

Ranabir left Deepika and Katrina left Salman to be together… sounds like a jigsaw puzzle, but when they both came together we thought we would see one more Big Fat Kapoor Wedding ! This was further strengthened when the pics of both of them kissing on the terrace on 31st eve went viral. But alas our hopes were shattered when they both decided to go their own ways. Its been 4 months today and last heard is that Katrina has moved out bag and baggage from their love nest…. The reason still being a secret. Oh c’mon guys.. the suspense is killing us !!

3) Virat Kohli – Anushka Sharma

Their famous On-Off relationship was the talk of the town. While this couple had been quite open about their status, from Anushka being trolled on twitter when Virat didn’t perform well to their secret rendezvous in foreign lands, still it took a toll on their happy go lucky fairytale and they parted ways. It was rumored that Virat wanted marriage while Anushka wanted career…Last heard they are trying to get together and hence the season of dinners and holding hands in public have again started.

4) Arbaaz Khan – Malaika Arora

Their love story was everyone’s dream love story.. meeting for a coffee ad to getting married in one of the biggest filmy families, it seemed nothing could go wrong. But all fairytales don’t have a happy ending and most of us fainted when we heard that this couple had also split. While both kept quiet and made us think and think over the reason, some said it was due to Arbaaz’s financial incapability to support his wife to some saying that it was Malaika’s lifestyle that caused the rift. Ultimately they just gave a dignified statement. Only time would tell us the real reason.

5) Hrithik Roshan – Kangana Ranaut

The most controversial of relationship and the most ugly of breakups. To cut a long story short, it all started when Kangana called Hrithik as her “ silly ex” , Hrithik sending a legal notice and then started a series of legal notices, emails going viral, Kangana’s so called obsession with Hrithik… phew… now that’s tiring….

Last heard they were still embroiled in the legal tussles and in the meantime Hrithik was on holidays with his sons and Kangana was winning the National award.

But inspite of the breakups, Bollywood also tasted some marriage times like Priety Zinta marrying Mr Goodenough and Karan Singh Grover marrying Bipasha Basu… well that would be told in another tale till then lets for the last time wish that these heartbreaks don’t hamper the bollywood business.