Top Indian Model Carol Gracias Untraceable!

Mumbai: Here’s shocking news from the world of fashion about India’s renowned model Carol Gracias, who has gone missing for a while. Carol has been incommunicado since Monday. One of the highest paid models, Carol was supposed to strut at a fashion event for Kimaya in Mumbai. However, the model baffled organizers by her no show.

Pradeep Hirani, chairman, Kimaya Fashions said, “The clothes were made to fit Carol and we were shocked when she didn`t show up on the final day. Her phone was also unreachable and there was no explanation from her end.”

“Carol is yet to call me with an apology,” said Achla Sachdev, the choreographer of the show.

When asked if she was worried about the model, Sachdev said, “Carol is doing fine because she sent a text about some sale in the city to my assistant after the event.”

Model Candice Pinto, who is a close friend of Gracias, adds, “Carol has her family and beau in Mumbai so I am sure she is doing fine or we would have known. But, there must have been something really urgent or she may have been unwell for this to happen.”

Carol is still untraceable.

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