Pooja Bhatt Wants Ranbir In Her ‘Dream Project’

Actress-turned-director Pooja Bhatt is keen to remake her own film ‘Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi’ with sister Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor in the lead.

The 1991 film ‘Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi’ was directed by Mahesh Bhatt and featured Pooja and Aamir Khan. “I would love to remake ‘Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi’ with Alia and Ranbir Kapoor in the lead. I think if there is anyone, who could take my place in that film, then it is Alia. And as far as Aamir’s character is concerned I think Ranbir is the best choice,” Pooja told PTI.

“I am dreaming about this. It is my dream to cast them,” she added. In ‘Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi’ Pooja played the role of a daughter of a rich shipping tycoon Anupam Kher, while Aamir played a reporter.

Nathaila Kaur To Feature In ‘Jism 3’

Actor turned director Pooja Bhatt reportedly is elated over the success of her recently released movie ‘Jism 2’. Taking a cue from it she is planning the third and fourth installment of ‘Jism’ franchisee. Sunny Leone will not feature in her future plans as Pooja Bhatt has made up her mind to cast director Ram Gopal Varma’s muse Nathalia Kaur in ‘Jism 3’. RGV will be certainly happy with this development as he is her mentor in Bollywood.

While interacting with the media Pooja Bhatt made it amply clear that she was going to cast Nathalia. “For `Jism 3`, we are considering Nathalia as my father (Mahesh Bhatt) suggested me to do so. He has a knack of choosing the right kind of new talent. We are thinking of her but nothing is finalised yet,” she said.

Adding further to her statement she said, “The third part will have four main players it could be two heroes, two heroines or three heroes and one heroine. We haven`t thought of the exact number of actors and actresses yet. We might repeat one of the male actors from `Jism 2`.

‘Jism 3’ is expected to go on floor next year in April which will be released in the winter season.

Movie Review: ‘Jism 2’ (**Two Star)

(By Akshat Sharma) Actor turned Producer-Director Pooja Bhatt’s eagerly -awaited movie ‘Jism 2’ released in theatres today with huge expectations and curiosity among cinegoers about its heroine Sunny Leone and her performance. No doubt Sunny Leone is the X factor in the movie and her presence in the movies ensures a good opening for the movie.

Sunny Leone plays Izna, a porn star in the movie who meets an intelligence officer Ayaan played by Arunoday Singh. She has no idea that she is playing into the hands of the intelligence agency. Izna is convinced by Ayaan to lay a honey-trap for Kabir (Randeep Hooda).  Her encounter with Kabir opens up the floodgates for everything. They come close and things get complicated.

Since this movie is dubbed as an erotic thriller with a professional pornstar on board we get those ‘scenes’ but no Bollywood movie no matter how bold it claims to be can match the international standards. So if you think you will be watching a pornstar going wild on big screen then stay home and search for video links on the internet.

‘Jism 2’ introduces Sunny Leone as a performer and she doesn’t disappoint. She looks ‘credible’ in her role. Randeep Hooda could have done justice to his role if there was more juice in the script. Arunoday Singh has been wasted in the movie and despite his character of an intelligence office his over the top emotional pitch doesn’t strike any chord with the audience. He is the biggest disappointment in the movie. Good looks and body can take you thus far only.

Only Sunny Leone gives a spunky performance. She manages to hold herself throughout the movie. She proves that pornstars can give a performance even out of their bedrooms. She has the potential but whether Bollywood can tap this potential further is yet to be seen.

In Bollywood movies, the problem always lies with the story and screenplay. ‘Jism 2’ also lacks a cohesive and imaginative plot. At times you get a feeling that the movie is stretched beyond its limits and everything falls apart.

Besides Sunny Leone the music of the film is also a bright spot in the movie. It gives you some relief from the painful experience that you go through while watching the movie. Cinematography is another plus in the movie as the virgin locations of Sri Lanka has been captured well in the movie.

‘Jism 2’ is strictly for those who want to see a porn star in ‘action’. For others it is a waste of time and money.

Sunny Leone’s Steamy Song Sequence With Hooda

In a newly released song ‘Yeh kasoor’ from the movie ‘Jism 2’ actress Sunny Leone has pushed the envelope with her steamy seduction. This new song features Sunny Leone and Randeep Hooda portraying certain intimate scenes.

Sunny Leone is seen locking lips, indulge in steamy embraces and get cosy with her co-actor  Randeep Hooda. Hooda also plays no holds barred role in the song as he is seen giving Sunny Leone’s bare back a sensuous oil massage.

Director Pooja Bhatt has already warned the cine goers that  Jism 2 is not for minors as it is a matured adult love story. The movie is expected to hit theatres on August 03.



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Sunny Leone’s Lingerie Set Up For Grabs!

Director of ‘Jism 2’ Pooja Bhatt is going to auction her actor Sunny Leone’s undergarments for charity. The producers of the movie tweeted “@Jism2 Sunny Leone’s lingerie along with other clothes of her and other actors up for auction for charity… any takers?”

This red lingerie set was used by  Sunny Leone while filming  ‘Jism 2’. Sunny Leone is a former porn star who will make her Bollywood debut with ‘Jism 2’. She was handpicked by Mahesh Bhatt  for the film while she came to India to participate in a popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss 5’. It would be interesting to know how much money she manages to attract through her auctioning her lingerie.

Sunny Leone Bags ‘Ragini MMS 2’

Adult film star and now a Bollywood’s  current hot sensation Sunny Leone has bagged another movie after she signed ‘Jism 2’. This time she will be seen in Balaji’s next movie ‘Ragini MMS Part 2’.

Confirming the news Producer Ekta Kapoor informed the media that Sunny Leone was perfect for the role: “Yes we have signed Sunny for the sequel. We wanted to take it to a higher level. It’s a scary date movie meant for youngsters. Sunny represents sensuality at its peak, so for us she’s the perfect choice,” she said.

Sunny  is currently busy shooting for  Pooja Bhatt’s movie ‘ Jism 2’. By  signing ‘Ragini MMS 2’ Sunny Leone has  shown that  she is taking her career in Bollywood pretty seriously and the kind of films she has selected clearly indicate that she is making right choices.

Sunny Leone Comes, Ready To Shoot ‘Jism’


Sunny Leone With Her Hubby (Photo Credit: First Post)

Lo and behold Sunny Leone is back in India. When she touched down at the Mumbai airport today, a huge gathering of shutterbugs was present outside the terminal waiting for her arrival. Canada born porn star of Indian origin Ms Leone knows how to charm Indian audiences and she displayed her skills at the airport. While posing for the camera she was composed and confident as men in the audience literally leered at her like anything.

Sunny Leone became a household name in India last year with her participation in a popular reality show named Big Boss. Unlike the West, reality shows in India are tame and lame offering little action.  Success of these shows depend high decibel vitriol. Sunny’s entry created quite a flutter in India as they expected some real action on national television.

Although Sunny did not oblige the anticipating audiences but she was certainly able to impress many with her normal next door girl image. Veteran Bollywood producer director Mahesh Bhatt was so ‘moved’ by Sunny Leone that he could not resist the temptation of signing her for a movie which is appropriately named ‘Jism-2’.

With her return to Mumbai ‘Jism 2’ shooting schedule is expected to gain momentum. ‘Jism 2’ is expected to release later this year. The film also stars Arunodaya Singh and Randeep Hooda.

Producer of the movie Pooja Bhatt shared her excitement on Twitter, “Welcome back to India SunnyLeone. Can`t wait to start filming Jism2 with you!”