India Needs More Under Water Films: Rana Daggubati

maxresdefaultMumbai:(PTI) Rana Daggubati hopes that “The Ghazi Attack”, said to be the first ever Indian film to be based on underwater war, will pave way to more such movies in the future.

According to Rana, “The Ghazi Attack”, which is India’s first underwater war-at-sea film, will push other filmmakers to explore this genre.

“When ‘Baahubali’ happened, there was never a war film made in decades. Then we had two films that came, in one film ‘Rudramadevi’ I did a cameo, and other was ‘Gautamiputra Satakarni’. It’s important that somebody breaks that ice and it’s important to break it correctly,” Rana told PTI.

The actor worked very hard to put everything aesthetically correct in “The Ghazi Attack”.

“With this film we knew it’s the first underwater war film we were making. We had to make it aesthetically correct as we did not had a reference point,” he said.

Not many are aware about the underwater tale of courage and patriotism of the men aboard Indian Submarine S-21 who destroyed the Pakistani submarine PNS Ghazi when it ventured into Indian waters to destroy the INS Vikrant.

“We consulted so many Navy people before we started shooting. It’s the film that glorifies the Navy, giving them the due credit. It’s a big incident that has happened in 1971 before the war,” the Telugu star said.

“It’s the first Naval submarine-based film in this country, the West has made so many films like that. We have the fourth largest Navy in the world and we don’t have a film on the Navy which is quite surprising. We were happy to make one,” he said.

Another challenge for the “Dum Maro Dum” actor was to get the VFX and CG (computer graphics) correct in the film so that the underwater action sequences look real.

“As nobody had done submarine water texturing before in India, it took time for us to work on it. Finally we have got a decent product (referring to film). Many people who have seen the film are happy and they did not expect this kind of visual effects,” he said.

The film is up for release on February 17 and the makers launched the trailer on January 11. The “Baahubali” actor took time to release the first look of “The Gazi Attack” as he wanted everything to be in place.

“We were sure we did not want the look of the film to come out till the time we were confident and ready. We finished the film in mid-March (last year), by the time I saw the copy it was January. So it took a long time to get everything correctly,” he said.

Also featuring Taapsee Pannu, Kay Kay Menon and Atul Kulkarni in the lead, the film has been made simultaneously in Hindi and Telugu and will be dubbed in Tamil.


Movie Review:’Department’ (* One Star)

( By Akshat Sharma) Producer director Ram Gopal Varma knows the art of pushing the limits. He tests your patience, your tolerance for silly things and even tests your basic intelligence with his ‘dynamic intelligence’. The man who once gave us ‘Rangeela’, ‘Company’ and ‘Satya’ is now churning out  movies like ‘Phoonk’ ‘RGV Ki Aaag’ and several others from his production factory.

He takes your willing to watch his movies for granted and transports you into a world where things first turn from bad to worse and then it turns ugly. ‘Department’ takes all this to a new level where you are forced to sit through the horror of watching a farce in the name of a film.

‘Department’ is a total wastage of resources. He has some of the powerful performers like Amitabh Bachchan in the as a movie but due to lack to a cohesive script the movie falls apart well before the intermission. He has used numerous cameras in every scene and used it in such an irritating manner that it leaves you irritated and confused.

The movie begins with Rana Daggubati who is a trigger happy policewallah”. He believes in killing anyone who he thinks should be killed. Giving him company is Sanjay Dutt who sleepwalks through his role where he is ‘Licenced to Kill’.

Amitabh Bachchan is given the task of pulling the entire film on his shoulders but a creaky script doesn’t allow him to perform any magic. Ridiculous camera work and irritating angles spoil the rest of the story as they keep focussing on areas where it shouldn’t. But RGV doesn’t care. He believes that he is Francis Coppola trapped in the body of a Bollywood director as he tries hard to redefine cinema by mixing moviemaking with his zany, phoney and jittery ideas.

Watching ‘Department’ in movie theatres could turn out to be a nightmare if you don’t take these warnings seriously. So save your precious pennies by giving ‘Department’ a complete miss.