Sacha Baron To Play Lead Role In ‘The Lesbian’

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is ready play lead role in a film called ‘The Lesbian. This movie, produced by Paramount Pictures, is based on a real life story of a businessperson who is a parent of a lesbian daughter. In a desperate attempt the Hong Kong based business tycoon makes an offer of $40 million to any guy who will marry the girl.

Sacha Baron will play the suitor in the movie and it is expected to be a typical ‘Baronesque Comedy. After his not so successful movie ‘The Dictator’ he is currently working in a movie which is a spoof on James Bond flicks.

Movie Review: ‘The Dictator’ (***Three Star)

 ( By Heather Wilkinson)King of satirical comedy Sacha Baron Cohen latest cinematic venture ‘The Dictator’ is hysterical, crude yet tantalizingly innocent. Coming in an era where Arab springs have swept many autocratic regimes ‘The Dictator’ gives us a peek into the life of General Hafez Aladin a fictitious dictator who rules a (fake) North African country called Wadiya.

General Aladin played by Sacha Baron is an amusing character specially when he is forced to live like an American in an ‘alien nation’ like the US. Baron Cohen maintains his distinct style which has taken a definite form with movie like ‘Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan’ and ‘Bruno’. The tone of “The Dictator” is crisp, funny and sometimes pretty outlandish but this is what Sacha Baron is known for.

The movie begins at the capital city of Wadiya where the General wins athletic contests, enjoys regular sexual encounters with models and actresses and nobody is there to stop him. A visit to the United States changes his life forever as his Uncle Tamir played by Ben Kingsley captures power with a military coup. General Aladin is forced to live life like a common man on the street and this is where the movie becomes funnier with politically incorrect and hilarious jokes.

The Dictator is more polished than Sacha Baron’s earlier movies. He and Ben Kingsley steal the show when it comes to the performances. The female lead played by Anna Faris has done remarkable job with her ‘boyish looking character’.

Cinegoers would love to watch ‘The Dictator’ movie because it is funny in ways more than one and it doesn’t disappoint Sacha Baron Fans who know what to expect from his movies. It is movie which deserves three stars.

Second Trailer For ‘The Dictator’ Released

Hollywood’s premier movie production house, Paramount Pictures has released the new trailer for ‘The Dictator’ featuring comedian Sacha Baron Cohen as the ruler of Wadia. Sacha Baron was recently  in news  for attending the Academy Awards function dressed up as the character of his movie. He plays the role of General Aladin, a deposed Middle Eastern dictator living in America.

Starring Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris, Ben Kingsley, Megan Fox, John C. Reilly and J.B. Smoove, The Dictator will hit the theatres on May 11.


Sasha Baron Sprinkles Ashes On Oscars Red Carpet

Los Angeles: (PTI)  Sacha Baron Cohen was escorted off the Oscars red carpet after the he tried to pull off a publicity stunt for his new film, ”The Dictator”, arriving as a middle eastern leader and claiming to be carrying the ashes of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-II. The British comedian was in character as Admiral General Aladeen in a white military uniform with gold epaulets. Cohen walked the carpet with two female guards and in an interview with TV host Ryan Seacrest he said it was Kim’s dying wish “to be sprinkled over the red carpet and over Halle Berry’s chest.”

He then tipped the urn over Seacrest, covering his tuxedo in white dust. Cohen, 40, who is known for outrageous publicity stunts in films like Borat and Bruno, was bundled off the red carpet by security guards. Turning to the camera, Seacrest said, “Anything can happen and it most certainly did, all over my lapel.” Cohen’s film is expected to be released in March. He was invited to the Oscars as a cast member of Martin Scorsese’s multiple award nominee Hugo.

Earlier there were reports that he had been forbidden to attend the ceremony after asking to arrive in character as Admiral General Aladeen – which the Academy denied. After the red carpet stunt, “Moneyball” actor Jonah Hill, who was nominated for best supporting actor, said, “I guess the Oscars isn’t the best place to sell your movie. I think he’s a funny guy, though.” “30 Rock” actress Tina Fey saw the funny side, and crossed herself over the ashes as she walked past

And The Real Winner Of Oscars Is… Sacha Baron !

The Oscar night this Sunday could turn out to be super entertaining  if British actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is allowed to attend the event as ‘Aladin’ the character of his upcoming movie, “The Dictator.”

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the producers of the show have not been able to decide as Sacha Baron can easily hog the limelight. Earlier this week there were media reports that he was banned from attending the Oscars. Reacting sharply to these reports Sacha posted a video online expressing his “outrage” over the Academy.

Sensing a potent controversy building up the Organizers seems to have realized that if they stop Sacha from sashaying on the red carpet they would still be not able to stop him from diverting all the media attention from the main event. Therefore on Friday the organizers relented from their staunch position and gave indications in the media that on Sunday night Sacha will attend the gala event.

Responding to this ‘change of heart’ Sacha tweeted, “VICTORY IS OURS! Today the Mighty Nation of Wadiya triumphed over the Zionist snakes of Hollywood…What I am trying to say here is that the Academy have surrendered and sent over two tickets and a parking pass! TODAY OSCAR, TOMORROW OBAMA!”

‘The Dictator’ is scheduled for a May 11, 2012 release.