Tom Cruise Brings Trafalgar Square To Halt !

London: (PTI) Hollywood star Tom Cruise turned Trafalgar Square into a battlefield and shut down the popular tourist destination temporarily to shoot ‘All You Need Is Kill’.

The 50-year-old actor plays an army lieutenant fighting an alien invasion in the science fiction action film, based on a Japanese novel of the same name, reported Digital Spy online. A scene involving a Royal Air Force helicopter landing in the middle of Trafalgar Square forced the usually bustling public space to be shut down for shooting. The ‘Mission: Impossible’ actor was spotted stepping on the set clad in a sleek green military uniform complete with aviator sunglasses.

A number of extras dressed in khaki ponchos over camouflage uniforms were also spotted flocking on the set. Several tanks were also situated throughout the set. `All You Need Is Kill` is scheduled for release in cinemas in March 2014.

Tom Cruise Tops Forbes List Of ‘Highest Paid Actors In Hollywood’

Actor Tom Cruise may be going through a tough time due his separation with Katie Holmes but it doesn’t stop him from topping the Forbes’ annual list of the 100 highest paid actors in Hollywood. He accumulated nearly twice that of second place Leonardo DiCaprio as he had a dream run at the box office with stupendous success of his Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol earlier this year. 

Tom Cruise turned 50 yesterday with his wealth increased $75 million between May 2011 and May 2012, as per the Forbes magazine data. Forbes reported that Tom Cruise in particular had enjoyed a successful year after Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, release.

Movie Review: ‘Rock of Ages’ (**Two Star)

 (By Savneet Kachru)This week’s movie release ‘Rock of Ages’ takes you back into the 80s when life revolved around drums, guitars and people followed pop culture like religion. It was a period when the world witnessed some of the greatest artists who walked this planet.

Directed by Adam Shankman ‘Rock of Ages’ is journey back into those good old days. It could have been an epic film had the director not lost his sight from the script and certain other areas. The movie begins with Sherrie Christian (Julianne Hough) who arrives in Los Angeles from Oklahoma with a dream to make big.

She falls in love with Drew (Diego Boneta) who shares her passion for music and big dreams. They join hands and try to make inroads in the music industry. They meet  Dennis Dipree (Baldwin in a grungy look) and his aide Lonny (Russell Brand) who own a club called the ‘Bourbon Room’. This club goes through rough weather and  certain vested interests run a  campaign against it.

‘Bourbon Room’ could be saved only by someone like Stacey Jaxx (Tom Cruise) who is a megastar in the music industry. Highly unreliable and volatile in nature Jaxx join hands with Sherrie and Drew. They script a new success story together.

Storyline is interesting but a weak screenplay takes a toll on overall impact of the movie. The strength of the movie is its wonderful star-cast which supports the movie. Tom Cruise delivers a stunning performance in his role of maverick music maestro. It is a film only for die hard Tom Cruise fans and people who want to relive those days back in 1980s.

Trailer Of ‘Rock of Ages’ Released

The new trailer for Tom Cruise starrer ‘Rock of Ages’ was released with a bang. Set in the 80s this film depicts Tom Cruise as a pop sensation who ruled that period.

Directed by Adam Shankman, the film is a journey of two young singers in Los Angeles who want to make it big. The story is written by Justin Theroux the star cast is quite impressive which includes names like Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Paul Giamatti, Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand.





Mission Impossible 4: Tom Cruise In Complete Control

Impossible Missions Force agent Ethan Hunt is back to save the world. This time, Ethan (Tom Cruise) is entrusted with the task of not only saving the reputation of IMF but also defusing nuclear warheads and averting annihilation of the world.

Also starring Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton, Michael Nyqvist and Bollywood’s very own Anil Kapoor, Brad Bird’s ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Ghost Protocol’ is a worthy successor of Mission Impossible franchise. In MI4, Ethan goes rogue as IMF is left alone to fend for itself. In a race against time, Ethan runs away from a high security Moscow jail, assembling a team of his most trusted lieutenants and striking Moscow Kremlin while taking down Kurt Hendricks (Nyqvist), who nurses nefarious plans of world domination.

A fast paced, slick action thriller, ‘Misson Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ is what every adrenaline junkie is waiting for. Tom Cruise might have past his prime, but the actor in him is still young, who believes in delivering 100%. As Hunt, Cruise is back to the business of high octane stunts and gadget wizardry. Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton and Simon Pegg play their parts wonderfully well and in case you are looking forward to see what Anil Kapoor is up to, the Bollywood hero is millionaire playboy Brij Nath in a blink-and-miss appearance.

Tom Cruise looks refreshingly young while performing mind-blowing stunts, especially the one where he jumps from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and various other gravity-defying stunts. Brad Bird makes sure that MI4 does not go overboard with stunts alone as the film has a gripping storyline. And yes, ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ is quintessential Tom Cruise movie where the actor has a tailor-made role. MI4 gives a fresh lease of life to Mission Impossible franchise, raising hopes of millions for another scintillating spy film.