Tom Cruise Brings Trafalgar Square To Halt !

London: (PTI) Hollywood star Tom Cruise turned Trafalgar Square into a battlefield and shut down the popular tourist destination temporarily to shoot ‘All You Need Is Kill’.

The 50-year-old actor plays an army lieutenant fighting an alien invasion in the science fiction action film, based on a Japanese novel of the same name, reported Digital Spy online. A scene involving a Royal Air Force helicopter landing in the middle of Trafalgar Square forced the usually bustling public space to be shut down for shooting. The ‘Mission: Impossible’ actor was spotted stepping on the set clad in a sleek green military uniform complete with aviator sunglasses.

A number of extras dressed in khaki ponchos over camouflage uniforms were also spotted flocking on the set. Several tanks were also situated throughout the set. `All You Need Is Kill` is scheduled for release in cinemas in March 2014.

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