Review: My Friend Pinto

After making his debut in ‘Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na’ and showcasing his acting prowess in ‘Dhobi Ghat’, Prateik is here to tickle your funny bone with ‘My FriendPinto’.

Directed by Raaghav Dhar and produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, ‘My Friend Pinto’ is the story of Michael Pinto (Prateik), a simpleton, whose life revolves around his mother, music and close friend Sameer. However, Pinto’s world comes crashing down when his mother dies. In order to get his life straight, Pinto decided to visit his friend Sameer and goes to Mumbai.

‘MyFriend Pinto’ is a light-hearted comedy that tries to pull some funny moments and make you laugh. A naïve and innocent boy, once in Mumbai, Pinto finds it really amusing when he comes across stiff upper lipped people, who have forgotten to laugh. The film revolves around hilarious situations created by Pinto.

As Pinto, Prateik comes across as a bit confused, yet an endearing chap, who carries a big smile on his face. However, Pinto is not Prateik’s best
performance. He needs to brush his acting skills and as far as comedy is
concerned, he has a long way to go. Kalki plays a small but important role in the film, a welcome respite from ‘Dev D’ and ‘Shaitan’ and ‘The Girl In Yellow Boots’. While Arjun Mathur and Shruti Seth fail to make their presence felt, Divya Dutta stands out as a struggling actress.

The film could have been made into something relevant had it not focused on too many sub-plots. As far as comedy goes, the film lacks the punch.

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