Rihanna releases raunchy pictures, her video banned in France

Pop sensation and R&B singer Rihanna has created a furore in many European countries including France with her latest album. Her video  ‘We Found Love’ has been declared too steamy for French sensibilities.

The French Supreme Audiovisual Council have decided that the video could influence ‘self-destructive behaviour’ in viewers, and so have banned it from daytime television – you’ll only catch it in France after 10pm. Unfazed of this ban Rihanna has raised the mercury further by releasing her promotional pictures. These pictures are salacious and raunchy.Rihanna has raised many eyebrows all around the globe as in these pictures she is seen smoking a cigar while a female hands grab her bosoms from behind.

This is the second time one of her videos have been banned: remember S&M was banned in 11 countries!

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