Friday Review: Ladies Vs Ricky Bhal

The rocking ‘Band, Bajaa, Baraat’ jodi is back to entertain you, in theatres today! Chirpy and jumpy twosome, Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma duo strike back with their second rom-com ‘ Ladies vs Ricky Bahl’ this Friday.

The film also marks the debut for actress Priyanka Chopra’s cousing Parineeti. It is supposed to be based on the 2006 Hollywood hit ‘John Tucker Must Die’.

In the film, Ranveer plays the lead character of Ricky Bahl who is a con man of the perfectionist sorts. He is a charmer by nature and a smooth operator who can swipe women of their feet with his fine ways.

He woos the rich and the famous women and then all he leaves behind are broken hearts and debts in their credits. Before they realize what they got into, he is out and on his next target.

His basic idea is to make quick money while woman get fooled with his charm and the honed Casanova attributes come to his added advantage at such pursuits.

The films plot revolves around Rick Bahl’s umpteen rendenvezous with the woman he cheats, uses and disposes until he meets his female equivalent Anushka Sharma a.k.a Ishika Desai.

She is well aware of his antics for she poses the same too. Now, how the drama unfolds on one con-man laying the trap for the other con-man is what you need to see and find out.

This hilariously fast paced romantic comedy, is a great catch this weekend. The music is amazing in the film, coming from the YRF camps most trusted music duo Salim-Suleiman.

A good option to get entertained this weekend and reconnect with the BBB jodi for some laughter and foot stomping again!

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