Review: New Year’s Eve

The plot is familiar, the set up is known and you almost know the ending even before you watch it. Multi-starrer ‘New Year`s Eve’ boasts of stars like Hillary Swank, Robert De Niro, Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer but unfortunately lacks a good script.

Directed by Garry Marshall (of ‘Valentine’s Day’ fame), the film narrates different stories which have a link. There is Sam (Josh Duhamel) who is left stranded in the middle of no where and has to reach home for his big New Year’s eve party. And Claire (Hilary Swank) is in charge of the celebrations at the Times Square but has to first solve her own problems. Meanwhile, cancer-stricken Stan (De Niro) lies in a hospital bed hoping to stay alive till the midnight so that he can see the fireworks from the hospital roof.

The stories are cute, sentimental and also all known. You have seen similar plots in ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’ and loads of other multi starrer rom-coms.

The film catches in on the festive sprit and for all you know, you might just end up loving it.

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