Don2: Back With a Bang!

Thank god for Farhan Akhtar. The man who is known for his sleek, stylish, uber cool films has managed to give Shah Rukh Khan a film which will hopefully erase the traumatic memory of ‘RA.One’.

While the first film (Don: the Chase begins) had the burden of being labeled as a remake of an old classic, this film sheds such inhibitions and manages to surpass its prequel. The story is pretty simple. It takes off from where the first part ends when Don (Shah Rukh Khan) escapes from the police only to resurface in Thailand in the new film. After some inexplicable things, he surrenders in front of the police and old flame Roma(Priyanka Chopra). Don is then sent to a jail in Malaysia where he meets his old enemy Vardhan(Boman Irani). What follows is an elaborate planned out jail break and Don and Vardhan manage to escape. They land up in Berlin, where Don with some old and some new associates plans to rob a bank.

The film’s plot isn’t original. It borrows from some of the most classic Hollywood thrillers like Ocean’s Eleven, Mission Impossible and Die Hard. Written by Farhan Akhtar, Ameet Mehta, Amrish Shah, the plot lacks freshness and is weak. But where the story falters, mind blowing action sequences make up for the loss.

The film has some amazing stunts and chase sequences. The car chase between Priyanka and SRK is definitely a high point of the film and so is the sequence where Shah Rukh escapes the clutches of an assassin and jumps from a high rise building.

The film belongs to Shah Rukh. So much so that a stellar cast comprising of Priyanka Chopra, Kunal Kapoor, Boman Irani and Om Puri fade in the background. Shah Rukh gives Don a completely different avatar. He has his smirk in place, he is cocky and he is evil. It is definitely refreshing to watch SRK play a negative character after ages with such ease. Remember Baazigar? Yes, SRK in Don plays the negative character with the same conviction and makes it look like no big deal. He almost glorifies negativity.

Watch the film for some awesome action sequences. And watch it for the King. He is truly back.

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