Friday Review:4084 Chaalis Chaurasi (****)

Boasting of a veteran cast, ‘4084 Chaalis Chaurasi’ is not your typical Bollywood comedy. It is a movie which hasn’t seen phenomenal publicity and marketing, but has emerged a winner as far as the trend in the Hindi film industry is concerned. A group of four friends set out to rob a deserted house that shelters a note-vending machine. Once the aim is in place, all that the group lacks is the elemental part of any plan – the plan!

The consummate acting skills of Naseeruddin Shah hardly need any explanation. Add to that actors like Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni, Zakir Hussain and Ravi Kissen, and you have a delectable dose of entertainment even where the recipe is amiss! The film abounds in unpredictable twists and turns and takes you through a roller-coaster ride – both literally and otherwise. With each participant of the gang ambling their way into it with their individual dreams and aspirations, the four hardly have a plan in place. Naseeruddin Shah is an absolute delight for the senses. From the HOD of English at a University to this conman who executes his mission with amazing alacrity is an incredible journey. Pankaj (Shah)’s literary past is revealed only when we hear him lecturing on the ‘anatomy’ of a fellow professor he admired in his salad days.

Menon (Albert Pinto) is impeccable as a car thief. His past laurels include a Mercedes and a BMW. But now his eyes lust after Fiats. He wants a classic, vintage Fiat for himself; and to reach that end, he is seen stealing Fiats and destroying them. The motive: he shall be the only owner of Fiat in the entire city of Mumbai! Menon pulls off his feat with brilliant skill, and the viewers are left applauding him.

The other actors have given equally dumfounding performances. Director Hriday Shetty has undeniably pulled off a stunner!

The four impostors get embroiled in a case involving real gangsters, and the film leaves you going off into peals of laughter. ‘4084’ is fresh, and can herald a new genre of comedy into the Hindi Film Industry. Shake a leg with a gyrating Naseeruddin Shah, and laugh out loud this weekend!

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