Heather Locklear Hospitalized

Heather Locklear was reportedly rushed to the hospital after taking a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol.

The ‘Dynasty’ star’s sister called 911 to report the ‘medical emergency’, a website reported. It has also been claimed that she believed Locklear was ‘in danger’.

On Tuesday night the star attended a Lakers basketball game at the Staples Centre. She was seen laughing and joking with friends and appeared to be in good spirits.

According to a website, sources confirmed that the 50-year-old was examined by paramedics when they arrived and decided she needed to be hospitalised.

This is not the first time that Locklear has been rushed to hospital in this manner. In 2008, a 911 call was made by her doctor who said she had tried to ‘commit suicide’, however it was later denied that this was the case.

In June of that year the mother-of-one checked into a medical facility to seek treatment for anxiety and depression, a leading daily reported.

Three months later the actress was arrested for driving under the influence of prescription drugs and she had to be helped from her police car. Although alcohol was ruled out after tests, Locklear was charged with driving under the influence of prescription medication and released on 2,700-pound bail.

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