Movie Review: Underworld Awakening (*** Three Star)

In the fourth installment of ‘Underworld’ franchise, Kate Beckinsale reprises the role of a vampire warrior Selene in ‘Underworld Awakening’. Humans get a whiff about the presence of vampires and lycans (werewolves-cum-humans), and believing them to be threat to mankind; they decided to eradicate the immortals.

Vampire warrior Selene (Kate) has been held captive by humans for the past 12 years but upon escaping, she finds herself in a different world from the one she left.

A significant portion of the film is about Selene and her daughter Eve (India Eisley), who Selene was unaware of for a long time. The child opens up the character of Selene to a host of new possibilities and allows the character some emotional moments unlike anything that the one has seen in the previous films.

With few references to the past, ‘Awakening’ has pretty much a standalone storyline, but the film’s novelty lies in its 3D making and addition of graphical action. Kate Beckinsale is back as leather-clad, gun trotting a** kicker in a story that takes forward the ‘Underworld’ series.

What doesn’t work in the drama is the absence of an emotional connection between the film’s characters and the audience. And yet again, the angle of the conflict between the humans and the alien species remains under explored.


Courtesy : Zee News

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