PC Kicks SRK’s Butt At Award Function!

Priyanka Chopra and Shahrukh Khan are not only one of the most successful movie stars in India but they are also alleged to be very close and intimate with each other.  If the media reports are to be believed then King Khan and PC were so charged up for their Zee Cine Awards assignment that they continued rehearsing till 3 am in the morning.

The amount of ‘hard work’ they put in together was clearly visible in their performance at Macau where the Zee Cine Awards function was held recently. Priyanka kicked some serious butt as she aimed at SRK.

When the media asked Shahrukh about his reaction to his ‘bonding with Priyanka Chopra’ he said, “I’m happy she’s around. I can take the advantage of calling her and asking her to do a three-day shoot for me, where all she’s doing is hanging from a rope. And she does it for me. She shoots on her birthday. It may be beyond professionalism, but that’s what friends do. The process of work becomes beautiful when you share that kind of relationship. I read what’s written, think about it, but it won’t come in the way of what we feel for each other. ”

Pictures Taken @ Zee Cine Awards 2012