Friday Review: ‘Ek Deewana Tha’ (** Two Star)

After tasting success in the original Tamil movie ‘Vinnaithaandi’ director Gautham Menon’s idea to recreate magic with Ék Deewana Tha’ has not worked. The director has made so many changes that he simply lost the plot.

The story line is simple. Sachin (Prateik) is an Engineering graduate from a middle class family in Mumbai. His dream is to be a movie director.Sachin falls in love with Jessie who  belongs to an orthodox Malayali Christian family where even  watching movies is considered  a  taboo. He falls in love with Jessie (Amy Jackson) in a typical  Bollywood love at first sight fashion. He ignores several oddities and tries to forge friendship with Jessie.

Director Menon has put no effort in fast pacing the first half and even the second half does not excite the audience. One fails to understand why the director is going slow while showing little action. The only saving grace in the movie is its music which has been composed by AR Rahman.

Amy and Pratiek disappoint as onscreen couple. Amy looks gorgeous but she doesn’t look convincing as an actor. Even Pratiek Babbar whom people expect to do well in acting department disappoints as he tries too hard to portray his love. Cinematography is another area where the film does have an impact. The cameraperson has been able to capture the scenic locations down south.

‘Ek Deewana Tha’ does not deliver what it has promised and for an average cine goer this movie could easily be skipped.