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‘CID’ Completes 14 Years Of Uninterrupted Run On Sony

Popular Indian TV series on Sony Network ‘CID’ entered into 15th year this week. It is one of those shows which have been buzzing on the TRP charts for the past many years. The show began in March 1999 and people associated with it had no idea that the show would be able to sustain for nearly 15 long years. The ‘CID’ lead team which comprises Daya Shetty, Aditya Shrivastava , Dinesh Phadnis, and  last but not the least Shivaji Satam who plays ACP Pradyuman. For all these years the CID team led by ACP has kept us hooked on their show and many of us have started believing in them as real cops. Shivaji Satam has solved many mysterious in his tenure as the ACP but what catches the people’s imagination is his unique dialogues which are so oft repeated that every time he mumbles some of these lines on screen audience find it hard  not to smile.

.Akhir lash gayee kahan?

(Where is the dead body?)

Daya, goli seene mein lagi hai matlab kisi ne samne se goli chalayi hai.

(Daya, the bullet has hit his chest. That means someone has shot him from front)

Daya: Sir darwaza to lock hai.

ACP: Toh darwaza tod do.

(Daya: Sir the door is locked.

ACP: Then break it.)

Daya, pata lagao, koi na koi suraag toh jaroor milega.

(Daya find out there must be some clue.)

Ab puri zindagi sadte rehna jail mein.

(Now spend the rest of your life in prison.)

Is laash ka muh to ab Salunke hi khulwayega.

(Only Dr Salunke will be able to tell more about the dead body now.)

Kuchh to gadbad hai Daya.

(Daya something is really fishy here.)

Yeh aise nahi batayega, isse bureau le chalo.

(He will not open his mouth like this, take him to the bureau.)

Kanoon ko hath me lena bahot mehnga pdega.

(You will have to pay a heavy price for breaking the law.)

Ab din ginte rehna, fasi ka order ane tak.

(Keep counting your days till you get a death sentence)

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