‘John Carter’ Is World’s Biggest Flop Ever!

World’s largest movie making company the Walt Disney Corporation is going to post a colossal loss of 200 million USD on its recent movie release ‘John Carter’. The experts believe that this could the world’s biggest money-losing movie ever.

Directed by Andrew Stanton, the sci-fi movie about a Civil War veteran expedition to Mars has earned only about $184 million in ticket sales worldwide so far and half of the revenues were shared with the theater owners. The estimated budget of ‘John Carter’ was 250 million and nearly $100 million spent on promotions.

‘John Carter’ could not generate much enthusiasm among cine goers after its release and even those who love sci-fi fiction did not like it much. The company had pinned its hope on ‘John Carter’s success and if that had happened it was almost ready to make sequels of the movie. Now those plans have been put on the backburner.


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