Kids In UK Traumatized Watching ‘Hunger Games’

 Young kids in Britain are having not so good times watching ‘The Hunger Games’. They are reportedly fleeing the movie theaters  mid way as they find certain scenes in the movie too hot to handle. Parents of these traumatized kids claim that their children have been seriously affected by the violence and  gory killings depicted in this super hit sci-fi movie. They demand renewal of its movie  movie rating from present 12A to 15 as the movie features knife attacks, throat-slashing and broken necks.

“My 12-year-old was so distressed at one particular part that we had to leave,” British newspaper the Daily Star quoted one concerned mother as saying on the Mumsnet website. “The fact that you actually see kids killing other kids is something I would not want a 12-year-old to watch,” another woman said.

Psychologists in certain countries have started studying the impact of ‘The Hunger Games’ on young minds. Some of them seriously believe that violence in ‘The Hunger Games’ is disturbing and it can be a source of great trauma and agony for kids specially under 13-14 years of age.


4 thoughts on “Kids In UK Traumatized Watching ‘Hunger Games’

  1. ‘The Hunger Games’ is rocking in the UK may not enjoy but in India they are loving it. After all when you live in Delhi you need to know how to fight goons on the street and rip them apart!!!

  2. Despite the violence in the books and movies, if the viewer/reader looks at more than just what’s on screen you can clearly see through Katniss and how she handles herself the damage the Games do to these young adults’ psyches. The point of The Hunger Games is not in the rampant violence or gore but rather in showing kids that they need to pay attention to what their government is doing behind closed doors, determine their motivations, and that they have the ability to rise up and fight for what they believe in. To be heard and fight for what you know to be right. Those that condemn this series as not being appropriate are themselves blind and incapable of seeing the meaning. I’m sure at one point or another Survivor has come on your tvs. That show is basically the same in concept as the Hunger Games themselves. Maybe as a parent you should try explaining things to you children rather than sheltering them from everything around them.

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