‘Think Like A Man’ Topples ‘The Hunger Games’ From Number One Spot!

Hollywood’s last Friday release “Think like a Man” has surprised many with its impressive performance at the Box Office. The movie has also displaced ‘The Hunger Games’ from the number one spot. ‘Think like a Man’ has earned its almost double pre-release projections with $33 million.

‘Think like a Man’ has ended the 31 day rule of ‘The Hunger Games’ at the number one slot in North America. Last week’s  Top Five Movies at the Box Office in the USA are :

1. “Think Like a Man” — $33.0 mil

2. “The Lucky One” — $22.8 mil

3. “The Hunger Games” — $14.5 mil

4. “Chimpanzee” — $10.2 mil

5. “The Three Stooges” — $9.2 mil