‘The Avengers’ To Return With A Sequel: Disney

Stunning collections registered by  “The Avengers” movie has prompted the Walt Disney Co. to plan out a sequel of the movie and make sure that the crime-fighting Marvel superhero team gets a return date to theaters soon.

Although no release date is fixed yet but the Disney Executive Bob Iger has informed the media that  the second “Avengers” movie will follow a previously announced “Thor” and “Iron Man” sequels coming in 2013 and a new “Captain America” movie in 2014.

‘The Avengers’ opened in the US last week and made a whopping $207.4 million from U.S. and Canadian theaters over the weekend, the biggest opening in film history. The film was released a week prior to North America release and  as per the last reports came in the movie has already amassed  $702.2 million at the box office.

The success of “The Avengers” is rewriting the history of movie  merchandise sales in the US. The products are already sold out and the Disney marketing team is pulling out all stops to ensure smooth supply of merchandise at the stores.

“We expect, given the interest in this film, that demand for its product is going continue to be strong pretty much throughout the year,” Iger said.

Iger also highlighted  Disney’s plan to make  parks and resorts to incorporate Marvel into the company’s theme parks, beyond Walt Disney World in Orlando where Universal Studios holds the rights to the characters.

Analysts believe that the success of ‘ The Avengers’  has not only created box office history but also saved Disney’s stock on the Wall Street. Disney went through a series of downgrades when its ambitious project ‘John Carter’ which bombed at the box office unsettling the finances of the company. Now the success of ‘Avengers’  has brought back the Disney stock in reckoning.

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