Deepika Dons Red Bikini In ‘Cocktail’

Deepika in ‘Cocktail’

Actress Deepika Padukone has donned in a skimpy red bikini in her upcoming movie ‘Cocktail’. The first look of the movie was released at the midnight on Sunday. Deepika is not known for flaunting her figure in bikinis therefore her decision to do so is quite surprising for cine goers.

When ‘Filmi Files’asked cinegoers in Delhi about Deepika’s decision Abhishek Singh, 26 was quick to react ‘ She is a bomb and good things come in small packages!’ Girlz in Delhi did not share such enthusiasm and Neha Kakkad in her response said, “Deepika is a fabulous actor and she gets the attention without resorting to such antics”

Deepika Padukone plays a character named Veronica in the movie who lives her moment to the maximum in true ‘Ice- Spice ‘ style.

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