Movie Review: ‘Men in Black 3’ (**** Four Star)

( By Akshat Sharma) They are back again! Wielding gizmos as guns and comfortably tucked in their tuxedos these ‘Men in Black’ take vow to free the mother earth from creepy aliens.  It has been ten years since they charmed the audiences with their antics in ‘Men in Black 2’ and boy what a comeback it has been in ‘MIB 3’. This third instalment is much better than the earlier two.

Shot in 3D this movie gives you a new cinematic experience as the aliens from space look more mean and deadly. Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin, take us into a different era.  Josh Brolin plays Agent K’s younger  life.  Brolin does well in his role and he brings the movie to life after a sluggish set-up.

The movie begins with character called Boris who is the last remaining alien warrior of a species dedicated to universe domination. He was captured 1969 by Agent K but somehow he manages to escape special lunar prison. He wants to give it back to humans so revenge becomes his modus operandi.

Boris wants to kill Agent K and escalate the problems of the earth by unleashing mass destruction. Agent J stops him and becomes successful in his mission. When he wakes up he finds a new world around him. His partner Agent K is gone, the sky is filled with jellyfish-like weapons. He also has a new boss in Agent O  played by Emma Thompson.

Agent J is concerned about Agent J whereabouts. He comes to know that Agent perished  in 1969 and the Earth is about to be overtaken by aliens under the leadership of Boris. This forces him to use time travel as a technique to save his friend and defend the earth from its foes.

Using the powerful time machines developed by aliens Agent  J successfully travels back to meet Agent K played by Josh Brolin. They join hands and decide to fight to finish against the alien race.

Directed Barry Sonnenfeld ‘Men in Black 3’ is a movie which believes in giving an amazing experience using modern technology to its audience and  no wonder you remain awestruck till the end. Find some good company and watch this Hollywood juggernaut unfolding itself on the big screen.

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