Uncomfortable Nicole Kidman Gets Urinating Scene Omitted In ‘The Paperboy’

New York: (ANI) The scene that shows Nicole Kidman urinating on Zac Efron in their latest film ‘The Paperboy,’ which had Cannes buzzing, for and against, won’t be part of the movie’s trailer. Although the much talked about scene in the film is not included in the clip, fans will, however, get a glimpse of the 24-year-old actor dancing with Kidman in his underwear.

The movie due out in theatres on October 5, tells a story of a young reporter (Efron) investigating the potential wrongful conviction of an inmate on death row (John Cusack). The 45-year-old actress plays the role of the inmate’s Southern belle fiancé who enlists Efron’s help to uncover Cusack’s innocence.

Both the actors have spoken about the uneasiness which they felt while shooting. “I don’t think I was supposed to feel comfortable. It’s like life. This character is supposed to be learning the ways of the world, and that can be very uncomfortable. But it’s also exciting,” the New York Daily News quoted Efron as saying in Cannes.

Kidman, who tempted Efron’s character in the film, wanted to challenge herself with this role from the very start. “I may be uncomfortable watching the movie. But that’s my job – it’s my job to give over to something, not to censor it, not to put my own judgments of how I feel as Nicole playing the character. I am there to portray the truth,” she said in Cannes.

The film based on Peter Dexter’s 1995 novel and directed by Lee Daniels, also stars Matthew McConaughey.