‘The Possession’ Tops US Box Office

Poster of ‘Possession’

New York: (ANI)  Lionsgate’s ‘The Possession’ took hold of the top spot at the box office with a 17.7-million-dollar collection while the polarizing documentary ‘2016: Obama’s America’ continued to win the populist vote in a landslide.

‘The Possession’, purported to be based on “a true story” of a cursed box containing a Jewish demon, took advantage of a PG-13 rating and a summer drought of horror movies to perform better than expected.

‘2016: Obama’s America’ has been drawing crowds even at the Union Square Stadium 14 in the heart of Democrat-leaning Manhattan, the New York Daily News reported.

The movie, co-directed by conservative scholar Dinesh D’Souza, earned another 5.1 million dollars as it expanded to 1,747 screens.The Weinstein Co.’s ‘Lawless’, which opened on Wednesday, finished in second place over the weekend with 9.7 million dollars.

Lionsgate also continued to cash in with ‘The Expendables 2’, which was the box office champ for the two previous weekends, which added 8.8 million dollars to its total collection. Universal’s ‘The Bourne Legacy’ continued to inch towards the 100-million-dollar mark, finishing fourth with 7.2 million dollars.

‘The Oogieloves’ – another independently distributed movie, proved to be a horror of a different kind. The family movie’s 207-dollar per screen take is the lowest ever for a wide release, Variety reported.

The top 10 movies at the weekend box office were:

The Possession – 17.7 million dollars

Lawless – 9.7 million

The Expendables 2 – 8.8 million dollars

The Bourne Legacy – 7.2 million dollars

ParaNorman – 6.6 million dollars

The Odd Life of Timothy Green – 6.1 million dollars

The Dark Knight Rises – 5.9 million dollars

The Campaign – 5.4 million dollars

2016: Obama’s America – 5.1 million dollars

Hope Springs – 4.7 million dollars

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