‘Resident Evil : Retribution’ Makes Big Promises To Action Lovers

The fifth instalment of ‘Resident Evil’ is gearing up for release as ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ with lot of promise and high octane action sequences.  Issuing a statement the producer Jeremy Bolt has claimed, “As a filmmaker, director Paul W.S. Anderson keeps pushing himself further each time out to make it as entertaining as possible with new elements that surprise the audience.”

Bolt has said that ‘Resident Evil : Retribution’ offers even more twists and turns than ever before and by giving it a video-game spirit the movie has become more engaging for the cine goers.

Director Paul Anderson believes that the movie has got global scope and the action is bigger than ever. “We`ve become more adventurous with each movie, but with this one we`ve done something really spectacular, ” he added.

‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ will be released in India later this month.

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