Sofia Vergara Shoots Bullets From Her Bra In ‘Machate Kills’!

machete-kills-poster05London: (IANS)  Sofia Vergara has taken sex appeal to a whole new level by wearing a metal bra that shoots bullets in the new promo poster for her upcoming movie, ‘Machete Kills’. The 40-year-old actress, who earlier said that she has always taken advantage of her breasts, snarls as she unleashes a hail of gunfire from a double barrelled machine gun bra, while dressed in leather, on the vintage B-movie style ad, the Sun reported.

Vergara will be portraying the character of Madame Desdemona – the leader of a band of Mexican harlots – in the movie, which is the follow-up to Robert Rodriguez’s 2010 hit ‘Machete’.The Latin beauty has joined original cast members- Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriquez and Danny Trejo- as well as a supporting line-up including Mel Gibson, Amber Heard,

Charlie Sheen and Alex Vegas plus Lady Gaga in her first-ever film role.