20 Hollywood Films To Watch Before You Die

imagesMelbourne: (ANI) Some people know straight away which movie to watch while others can`t narrow it down to less than 10. The actors and directors whom News Ltd surveyed found it just as difficult as News Ltd movie reviewer Leigh Paatsch, who had 100 choices to play with for his ` 100 Must See Movies` list.

Top of his list was the `Godfather` (parts 1 and 2) other undisputed classics on the list included `Citizen Kane,` `Casablanca` and `Schindler`s List,` News.com.au reported.

`Dumb and Dumber` made the cut for being the movie that kickstarted the “gross out” genre and the Aussie films on the list included `Gallipoli,` `Don`s Party` and `Ten Canoes.`

Top 20 movies are (not necessarily in that order):

1.         The Godfather (Parts 1 and 2)

2.         Citizen Kane

3.         Gone With The Wind

4.         To Kill a Mockingbird

5.         Casablanca

6.         Raging Bull

7.         Mad Max 2

8.         Rear Window

9.         The Toy Story Trilogy

10.       Avatar

11.       Schindler`s List

12.       The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

13.       Lawrence of Arabia

14.       Pulp Fiction

15.       Singin` In The Rain

16.       GoodFellas

17.       Inception

18.       The Wizard Of Oz

19.       The Matrix

20.       When We Were Kings


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