Leonardo DiCaprio Loved Reading ‘Great Gatsby’

Movie Poster of 'The Great Gatsby'
Movie Poster of ‘The Great Gatsby’

Los Angeles: (IANS) Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio says it was quite intimidating working in ‘The Great Gatsby’, based on such a well loved novel by author F. Scott Fitzgerald. DiCaprio is playing Jay Gatsby in Baz Luhrmann`s adaptation of author F. Scott Fitzgerald`s book ‘The Great Gatsby’.

The movie sees DiCaprio reunite with Luhrmann for the first time after ‘Romeo + Juliet’ but the actor says that it was a tricky project.  “It`s one of the most beloved novels of all time,” femalefirst.co.uk quoted DiCaprio as saying.

“It is a great piece of American literature and everyone has their own personal connection with these characters and these people and they have their own interpretation of Gatsby,” he said. “It`s intimidating going into a process where you`re going to make a film adaptation of something that is this intricate complex and beloved worldwide because you`re almost setting yourself up for disaster,” he added.

‘The Great Gatsby’ is slated to release May 16.


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