Yummilicious: Yummy Mummies of Bollywood- Part 2

By Deepti D.

So.. as usual we are back again… we love taking short breaks and a breather because you see.. too much knowledge can also be injurious to health !! Talking about health, I don’t know about you but these fit mommies are certainly giving me sleepless nights ….So lets read about some more yummy mummies and take inspiration…

Twinkle Khanna

“Twinkle twinkle little star”…well this star is no ‘little and is really a pretty one too, having inherited her beautiful looks and hair genetically. Apparently this mum of 13 yr old Aarav and 3 yr old Nitara hated the showbiz and bid it bye bye as soon as she became Mrs Akshay Kumar Although she says that her only fitness mantra is eating right, laughing through bad situations and always remaining positive, I am sure she must have taken a tip or two from her fitness freak husband. Nowadays she is multitasking and is excelling in everything she does, be it her interior designing store ‘The White Window’ or her blogs and books. Well when it comes to maintaining oneself “Mrs Funnybones” isn’t being funny at all !!


We all remember “Kuch kuch hota hain” and how Anjali aka our dear Kajol transformed from a tomboy to a glorious chiffon saree clad lady… well well… something similar happened in real life too… NO NO I don’t mean to say that Kajol was a tomboy… what I mean is that she became more glamorous and stylish after she gave birth to now 13 yr old Nysa and 5 yr old Yug!! Well She has taken the media by storm with her new svelte and sexy look. Kajol has wowed her audience and the media with a fit, healthy body and a beautiful, clear face….err….talking about her clear skin…hasn’t she gone fair or is it just glow ..la….Michael Jackson way !!! Her fitness mantra is simple ..Stay focused, stay disciplined. She was last seen in ‘Dilwale’ and currently she is reading scripts…. Cmon sign a movie fast.. we cant wait !!!

Lara Dutta

Our very own Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta Bhupathi could give any beauty queen aspirant run for their money. Married to the famous tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi, Lara has a cute 4 year old girl Saira who is definitely taking her mum’s genes. Lara lost her a baby fat thanks to her love and dedication towards power yoga, the result being that she took out a Fitness DVD and a YOUTUBE Channel “Workout Routine with Lara” to inspire all the moms to take up Yoga as a daily life routine. Although she is not seen on the silver screen much, we can see her on various social dos and events.
Genelia D’Souza Deshmukh

Oh how I love this cute woman… she in no way looks like a mother to 2 yr Riaan and the other one which is on its way soon. Well at this moment we can’t say anything about Mrs Ritesh Seshmukh’s wife’s fitness tips as she is waiting for her second baby.. all we can say is that she looks utterly cute and yummy in this avatar too. We wish you a very safe delivery and are waiting with bated breath for the good news.

  Sushmita Sen

The most unconvential of all the mothers we have talked about till now, Ex Miss Universe 1994 had done something unbelievable 16 years ago when she adopted Renee and then again in 2009, when she brought home Alisah. Both have taken their ‘mom’s’ confidence and personality. What makes Sushmita different is that although she is a mother, she has never taken herself for granted too and fitness has been on her top priority. She does Aerial silk which is a mixture of yoga, ballet,dance and a martial art of Kerala called Kallaripayatu. Aerial silk is a part of her daily workout. She also has a company called ‘I AM’ which churns out beauties for Miss Universe…Whoa! With a mum like Sushmita.. I’ll be a proud daughter.

Maintaining a perfect figure is by no means a joke. Celebrities put in a lot of effort to remain fit. I mean I know they have access to the best trainers, the best yoga gurus, the best of organic foods… but all this is a waste if you lack one major thing and that is MOTIVATION… and these moms have it in abundance…and one should take inspiration from them.. I am for sure quite impressed…so ladies put on your shoes and start walking, jogging, do yoga, zumba anything and become a yummy mummy .. not for your kids or hubby but for yourself… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL !!





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