Munni Ko ‘Auntie’ Pasand Hai

Deepti D.

Ok guys… we are not boring you with another Salman Khan article or for that matter Anushka Sharma, we all know Sultan is a super duper hit and there is nothing we can write about the movie which has been really appreciated by the masses. So what is this article going to be about? Any guesses… no it’s not about Salman Khan’s girlfriends too… well we can give you a hint… the two people we are going to talk about are kind of linked with Salman … uff too much Salman happening. so let’s get straight to the point…

So who is the latest Munni in the town who has a very big connection with Sallu Miyan… rewind yourself to ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and voila you have your answer… we are talking about none other than the cutie pie 8-year-old Harshali Malhotra.

Young Harshali Malhotra started her career at a very young age… well what could be younger than 8, but indeed she practically started acting when she started talking. She has done various ad films and T.V serials but her biggest break came when she made her film debut with a leading role in Kabir Khan’s 2015 film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, opposite Salman Khan. She played the role of Shahida alias ‘Munni’, a Pakistani Muslim girl who gets lost in India and travels back to her homeland with the help of an Indian. Her acting was very much appreciated by the critics and since then she has become the most sought after child actor.

And coming to the other person in context to this article is none other than our super sexy Katrina Kaif and why did we connote ‘Auntie’ to her… well we would let you know in a few seconds. What can we tell you about this beautiful long legged lass? Right now she is one of the top actress Bollywood has at the moment, but she started rather as a model. She was flooded with modelling assignments as soon as she came to India especially because of her innocent face, hour glass figure and drop dead gorgeous looks. To cut a long story short, modelling resulted in some big banner films and now she is one of the highest paid actress in the league of Deepika and Priyanka.

Now the point comes that where do these two actors meet… on one hand we have a child actor and on the other the experienced Ms Kaif…well the twain met on Katrina’s birthday… no no Harshali was not invited to the bash. Katrina debuted on Facebook on her 34th birthday and like many other people Harshali also sent a birthday wish to her by saying “Hi Katrina auntie me Harshali …… Do u remember me ???” and “Happy Birthday… Katrina Kaif Auntie”

It was an ‘Aww so cute’ kind of wish coming from a kid, but since it’s the tech age and no one is spared for even the minutest blunder, the fans of Ms Kaif went berserk and went after Harshali’s life for calling her ‘Auntie’. She was bullied like anything and no one knew that how a child’s innocent comment will invoke the wrath of internet trolls. Fans went on saying that she has done an irreparable damage by using the word ‘Auntie’ and she should have been addressed as ‘Didi’

I don’t know I should personally agree to this or, but you see a coin has two sides and one should think practically. Firstly, I feel you should leave the young kid alone, I personally feel that living in a country like India, we are always taught to connote our elders in some way or the other and we are still not in that American way of life where we address everyone by their first name. Now a 34-year-old female, whether unmarried or married, divorced or separated would be called Auntie by an 8-year-old, well maybe her mother is of the same age and her friends do call her mom as Auntie, so like a good girl she addressed someone who is 26 years older than her as ‘Auntie’… nothing wrong in that!!

On the other hand, yes I agree, since Harshali is in the same industry as Ms Kaif and in this industry whether you are a 1 yr. old or a 90 yr. old, everyone is treated at par with each other and Katrina being a much senior actress than the little one, yes Harshali could have addressed her as ‘Ma’am’ and not ‘Auntie’ … but one cannot go back and do the changes…can we?

But one thing is for sure, even though internet trolled the girl or for that matter me sitting and doing the dissection here, Katrina took it very sportingly and replied her back too…saying” Thank you Love” and in way I don’t think she did mind that “A” word.

All said and done, the infamous line ‘Aunty mat kaho na’ from the classic TV show Hum Paanch holds so true here, but on second thoughts when will the internet ever learn to keep calm and stop making big issues from small things… Be calm and sporty like Katrina “Aunty” or Katrina “Didi” or Katrina “Ma’am” … we are wondering!!!

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