Hugh Wants Him, But He Needs Hair

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman has expressed his desire that Shah Rukh Khan takes forward the baton to play his popular The Wolverine character. The Bollywood actor, however, has said he would first need hair on the chest to look convincing.

Reacting to a post by a fan on Twitter which said why she wants Shah Rukh to play Wolverine, SRK posted: “Hair on the chest lady… Need hair on the chest!! Working on it though. Love Hugh and Wolverine.”

Jackman has essayed the role of the superhero mutant with a heart of gold in The Wolverine film saga, which started 17 years ago. The actor has appeared as Wolverine in nine of the X-Men sagas. He has reprised his role as The Wolverine for one final time in Logan. During the film promotion activity in Taiwan, Jackman had said that “maybe Shah Rukh Khan” can play him.

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