From Non-actor to a Nationalist Actor, John Abraham Is On A Roll

From Non-actor to a Nationalist Actor, John Abraham Is On A Roll

By Sanskriti Tomar

With the coming release of ‘Batla House’, one is left wondering when did John Abraham moved from being the generic funny boy or the handsome wallflower, to a nationalist actor.

Time hasn’t just deepened his dimples, but also changed his acting genre.

It all started with the victory of South Hall United in the movie ‘Goal’, starting Arshad Warsi, John Abraham, Boman Irani and Bipasha Basu. John Abraham was first seen in a mildly nationalistic role.

Thing however escalated quickly and before we knew it, he was starring in Force in 2011.

He went on to star opposite Nargis Fakhri in Madras Café in 2013.

He has released back to back nationalist movies ever since. The year 2018 itself saw, not one but, two movies on nationalist scripts starring John Abraham: Satyameva Jayate and Parmanu.

Both the movies follow a similar script and sequence of events. Both the movies are based on the concept of ‘service to nation’.

John Abraham has adapted himself so well to the image of a ‘Jawan’ or a man in service of his country, that the audience is left to wonder!

When did the shy set of dimples from Kaal and Garam Masala enter these new realms of nationalist acting! From having just one signature expression of a bent head, half a smile and eyes looking up to the camera, John has come a log way. He is crowing orders in walkie-talkies, running after terrorists and saving the day, day after day!

But has the average cinema goer had enough of him? Let’s look at the facts:

John has the physique of a soldier and the face of a model. While his acting lacked in comic/sentimental roles, he comes off as a great no-nonsense soldier. Bollywood has found the perfect way to exploit his talents and fit him in the skyline of indian cinema.

The cinema goer might have had enough of movies on the same scripts though!

With the release of Batla House this year, we would have long crossed a threshold of nationalist movies.

But it is a genre that we just cannot seen to get enough of. Filmi Files is your one-stop goal for the best online magazine on the tinsel town and its Stars.

Batla House, starring John Abraham, us based on the Batla House Encounter case of Delhi (2008), against the Indian Mujahideen.

The case became famous for the controversy it drew all around the capital. Movies have now become a way of releasing the basic insights on controversial cases. Batla House comes with a promise of doing the same too! From No One Killed Jessica to Talwars (Arushi Talwar Murder Case), movies entwine the narrative of famous cases and controversy that project a national impact, and present an inside view to the general public.

Since Batla House became one of the most controversial cases of 2008, the movie shall come as a clearer perspective. John Abraham, as usual, will not fail us in his acting as a no-nonsense police officer with non-responsive expressions.

We’ll dwell in the details of the movie and relate it to the real incident. The nationalist spirits shall soar all around. It is a win-win for all!

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