A ‘Masoom’ Controversy?

By FF Network
Director Shekhar Kapur reignited the sparks of an old controversy based on his movie Masoom (1983) when he posted a nostalgic picture from the movie. The movie starred Naseeruddin Shah and was based on a novel by Erich Segal.
The controversy around the story of the movie being lifted from Segal’s “A Man and A Woman”, was soarked again when Shekhar Kapur posted about his nostalgia of making the film in the 1980s.
The movie also starred Urmila Matondkar and Shabana Azmi. It revolves around the story of a man whose family life is toppled when he finds out that he has an illegitimate child from an old flame and the story gains it’s plot when that child comes to live with his father after the demise of the mother. The similarities to the Erich Segal novel are obvious and striking.
We say that this controversy is for a reason. Segal came up with this plot that was to be copied incessantly in many movies, later.
Even Shah Rukh Khan starrer, ‘Main Hoon Na’ open with a similar plotline. Any attempt of script stealing and copyright violations needs to be disapproved.
The credit must go where it is due! FilmiFiles likes it’s scripts fresh and original!
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