Shah Rukh Gears Up For Indian Money Heist!

Shah Rukh Gears Up For Indian Money Heist!


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The Spanish television series, Money Heist, that airs on Netflix currently has stuck the fancy of the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan.


The news is that his prod. house, Red Chillies Entertainment has purchased the rights for the recreation of Money Heist for the Indian audience.


It is quite a possibility that SRK will produce as well as star in the movie version of Money Heist. Yes. You heard that right. Money Heist is being adopted for Bollywood but is being adopted in the form of a movie.


The show which has already released three seasons and is producing the fourth one, will be adopted in a three hour movie format for Bollywood.


How efficient will this adaptation be is for us to judge when the movie comes out, but we’re genuinely hoping that it performs better than SRK’s last movie- ZERO.


Money Heist is a story of a criminal mastermind known as ‘The Professor’ and his eight accomplices who take upon the biggest heist in history.


Let us watch SRK perform his magic on this story and let us pray he does not come up with just an updated version of a Happy New Year, instead. We like our crime thrillers serious and deadly, and sans silly-comedy.


Watch this space for more on the upcoming experiment with a lovely Netflix Spanish script on the hands of King Khan! Filmi Files is a web site that offers news, views and even the within stories from the glamour world be it movie industry or Hollywood, for those that love the planet of flicks, stars and also the art of cinema.


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