Trailer for Dabangg3 Dropped

Trailer for Dabangg3 Dropped

By FF Network

Salman Khan is hitting the theatres on the 20th of December, this year, with the third movie from Dabangg series. The movie is directed by Prabhudeva and stars Sonakshi Sinha, Mahie Gill and Saiee Majrekar. Salman will be seen in his beloved role of Chulbul Pandey, a rogue-robin-hood police officer. Sonakshi will play her role of Rajjo too. The trailer seems to be a bomb, and suggests a past-segue of the life story of Chulbul Pande, and an unrequited love from the past.

The poster as well as the trailer are made to attract the attention of the viewers and make them hungry for more. Some of the action scenes featured in the trailer, are a little distant from the possible and the believable, but that is Salman’s personal brand of action.

FilmiFiles left wondering if the audience is still stuck in the era of improbable plot-lines and action sequences. We mean, the man punched through a huge ass iron door with a straight face! Are we entirely wrong, or are action sequels supposed to be full of effort and plausibility?

Nevertheless, it is a relief to finally find out the logic behind Chulbul Pandey’s style of wearing his glasses on the back of his collar, more than his eyes. But Prabhudeva should’ve saved some suspense for the movie, instead of outing everything in the trailer itself.

Filmi Files will be following this masterpiece of stale ideas closely, and we cannot wait to find out the standpoint of the Indian audience on this one!

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